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  1. Hello. Does anyone know where I can get a set of large capacity cartridges for P600 in the UK? Thanks
  2. Hello. I have a converted epson p600 which has been working fine until recently. Now I am unable to get and white to print via the rip or a nozzle check. I have flushed the lines between the cartridges and the print head, waterfall the print head. I could be the dampers but I would expect to get some ink coming through on one of the channels. I have also done a few ink charges but I don’t see any white ink going to the waste. Any thought or ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Hi. Can I just check that changing your inks to YWWMCWWK worked for you? Mine are currently configured as YMCKWWWW but I too just can’t get it to print the correct colours. I don’t understand why you can select the correct printer (p600) and how the channels are select, but it still doesn’t work. Thanks
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