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  1. yes i even took the other ones out incase perhaps an air bubble was in the carts to possibly help flush it out, still nothing... i just took the printhead off and have it soaking... i flushed the nozzles and i do have a couple that are being stubborn and wont spray freely when i flush them i hope this is the problem but it seems the other colors would still work and print something. how can i tell if the printhead has gone bad, i was getting good prints just before it started powering off and then when i reinstalled drivers it fixed that but then pages were blank.
  2. help please, i had horrible prints to begin with and realized my magenta nozzle was completely clogged.... i finally managed to unclogg it after flushing the lines and i let my head sit on top of a papertowel with some windex for about an hour and things started going good.... printed and half way through the print my printer just powered off.... it done that every time i tried to print so i unplugged it deleted the drivers reinstalled them and restarted everything and now the printer doesnt power off it goes through the entire print process but the page is blank, have had a few pages with som
  3. where can i find his powder to order? i am a newbie and still reading through and researching everything.... i had pulled it up one time i think perhaps it was in one of the discussions ( a link ) but i cant find it now...
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