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  1. thx for the reply johnson4. So would you say it worth investing in to a proper shaker with a built in vent option, so that it can be vented outside? Do you still get vapers from the application on to the fabric when pressing at 170 - 200 f, would a over head vent be required for indoor use? Thx
  2. Hi, I need your help. I have been busy over the last few days getting my Epson P600 and Epson 4880 converted to print with DTF inks. The questions I have are: 1. once the print comes out of the printer, does it need to have the powder applied right away, and cured? (or could I leave the printer printing the sheets overnight and come put the power on the next day or after a weekend) 2. can the sheets on a multi print, say 50 sheets, be stacked on the printer output tray? or will the ink still be wet and cause the next sheet to stick to each other and cause the prints to be damaged? 3. what's the best option for melting the powder? (I have read, oven, heat gun, heat press... what works best for you.) just starting out, so looking to keep the cost down? 4. storage - how long can the prints be stored? (humidity will this affect the film before print and after? Is there anything that I have missed that I should know, or any big problems that may come up? I have been printing with DTG for about 7 years and have a good understanding of the processes involved with dtg, BUT DTF is band new to me. Thanks in advance.
  3. tried to send it to you, but got a msg saying can not send to johnson4?
  4. Thank you johnson4 for such a quick response. I already have the parts catalog with the expanded view and part numbers. I was looking for the workshop repair service manual. Thx
  5. Hi, Anyone have the service Manual for Epson Sure Color P600, that they could share please. Thx in Advanced.
  6. Hi, Just joined a few days ago, hello to all..... I just go a P600 that I picked up used, good nozzle test, was a bit pricey.... $770.00 Looking to set it up for DTF printing. Still getting all the information together, as to what I need and where to get it. Question... the refill Cartridges, do they need to have a chip. (Auto reset chip). or can the firmware be modified to change the counter (2Manuals.com new Chipless Solution). If so. do you still need the chip in order for the cartridge to be detected, so for example, will the printer still turn on and get to ready state, with no chip on cartridge? Thanks in advance.
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