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  1. I did NOT say you cannot apply powder by hand If that's what you got from that I apologize - we do it everyday, its just tougher to get it even manually And, our auto system brushes the film so you don't have misguided powder on the sheet and not on the image Again, guys, not pontificating, just shedding my knowledge of the last 30 years
  2. I'm not trying to sell anything here I've been around the industry 30 years and I feel I know my stuff pretty well Instead of insulting me, lets discuss with what you disagree with - as you mentioned, these are my opinions As a matter of fact, I suggested people entering the market start with transfers - not buy equipmentj Sorry if I offended you, not my intention
  3. Let me shed some light, I sell DTG and DTF printers MOST IMPORTANT, and I'll discuss this later: POLYESTER cannot be done on DTG effectively, with DTF, yes! 1. Cost per print / I have strong knowledge of Brother and Kornit. Kornit printers use approx 65 cents to $1.25 depending on the model of printer; ALL other printers, Brother, Epson, et al, their cost per print is anywhere 2-5x more in ink and pretreatment DTF, the cost per square meter (approx 12 shirt fronts) is LESS THAN $3 - or approx 33 cents per shirt!!! 2. Maintenance: all use water based inks, so you have to clean
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