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  1. will do, its such a new process a lot of people are learning it or find different things that work for them. Yeah, we've done multiple wash tests with different inks/film/powder and were amazed how different they all were. We think we've found our perfect set up but it took months and lots of money.
  2. we have a 24" chinese printer as well but not the oric one. We were told no maintenance either but we've had it 4 months and only just got it properly sorted and now they've told us we need to clean the wiper and cap station so lost confidence in what they're saying. We think some of the nozzles are blocked and doing a wet cap with cleaning solution over night to see if that helps. Otherwise head change tomorrow.
  3. We think that is our next thing to do. Do you wet cap it every night?
  4. We have the same issue. did you manage to sort the issue? If so, what did you do? thanks
  5. Hello, we have come across DTF printing and extremely interested in it but it seems a fairly new technique. Is there anyone in the UK that sells the printers and/or supplies? or someone we can ring or meet to discuss the DTF process?
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