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  1. Thanks for the information. I am starting to suspect there might be an inherent design flaw in these refillable carts like you said. I might have fucked up the first two, but I was very careful with this one. It's a shame the print heads cost 2/3 of the printer. Maybe I'll try replacing the fuse but I suspect it's surface mount and not worth the bother. These look like a huge pain in the ass to open up and I hardly see any documentation about it. Can't even find the most basic information about the motherboard online.
  2. Yes, that's exactly my intention at this point. I see them going for nearly $500 on ebay (I got mine for MSRP), and the price for USA shipped empty cartridges seems crazy high. At this point I'd probably turn a profit selling it all assuming epson will change them out. I already snagged a R1800 for dirt cheap. I'm pretty happy with the l805 platform in my UV printer and it will be nice to have compatible spare print heads worst comes to worse. I'm not even sure DTF is the best technology for my application so it's really hard to invest more than in another machine. I'm trying to use one of those 3D vacuum ovens to print on glass jars that I coat in polyester. UV works OK, but the colors aren't exactly what I'd like, and the smell is god awful and I need to place each jar manually after every print. I love UV for random one offs and customization projects, but I need something for small run production that I can basically just have printing in the background while I do other stuff. If I can get DTF working it'd be less than a quarter of the labor and I'm hoping much less awful smell and better color. No clue. Epson couldn't (or wouldn't) even tell me, they just immediately offered to ship a new one. Further cementing in my mind that these are the disposable cameras of inkjet printers.
  3. Has anyone used a manual reset device with this? I'm convinced that somehow I'm bricking the printers with the chipless firmware. I have one more printer and don't want to destroy it. I'd like to buy some cartridges and try and just keep resetting them manually.
  4. I mean I literally cannot get a single good nozzle check using DTF ink from DTF Super Store. Used an entire ink cartridges worth trying to purge and do nozzle cleans. I got the "there's something wrong with your print head, contact epson message" eventually JUST from doing head cleans, so I noped the fuck off and installed the dye refill ink (no more warning thankfully). Getting perfect checks and prints now after only one head clean. By some miracle Epson decided not to charge me for the hacked printer I returned so I'm trying to play it a little more conservatively. I still have the second broken one going back for replacement, so maybe once I have two of them again I'll be a little more brave. And then LITERALLY as I'm typing this: Turn on your printer again. See your documentation for more detail. 031006 Welp, looks like I'm throwing these fuckers straight into the trash.
  5. That's literally why I don't want to use anything other than dye inks since you don't have to shake them. For me it's just not the worth the risk constantly cycling carts. Hopefully I can fix up an R1800 for doing pigments.
  6. I made both of these exact mistakes. If you accidentally knock the cartridges off while unplugged you can kiss your printer goodbye and say hello x031006. I Bought a TON of empty cartridges and a whole set of every type of ink available for the XP-15000 (dye, pigment, sublimation). But these things are honestly even trashier than I expected. It seems like epson has gone above and beyond to make it as difficult as possible to clean or service these printers. I'm going to do my best to just leave the dye ink carts in the printer and just refill them without ever removing them.
  7. Honestly, I am beyond baffled how you guys managed. I can waste almost an entire cartridge worth of ink doing head cleans just to get "almost passable" nozzle checks. Then when I refill the cartridges, the shitty nozzle checks resume. I get constant head strikes when roll printing PET film, it seems there is really no way to print film without a media take up system (if I pull on the film it sort of doesn't smudge the film horrifically). The good news is, using the refill cartridges, it can still print absolutely beautiful dye prints on canvas. Zero issues printing canvas rolls. Getting the first print through without jamming is a bitch, but once you start printing you're pretty much good for the whole roll. So I said fuck it snagged a cheap R1800 with a clogged head. I'll keep the XP-15000s for photo and banner printing, and use the R1800 for sublimation and DTF. I was really hoping to use the new CLkRYMK sublimation and pigment ink made specifically for the XP15000 but I don't think I'm going to risk it at this point. Someone with deeper pockets than me can iron this shit out first. Maybe I'll try profiling the grey and red ink in the R1800 and see how that turns out (if it's even possible). I have a big box of replacement heads already so fuck it.
  8. I got my third XP-15000. Now I'm getting incomplete nozzle checks using DTF ink still. And the missing lines are in the EXACT same spot each time. As in my nozzle checks are coming up pretty bad, but in a completely identical way. Ran a few cleaning cycles until I got an error "something is wrong with the print head, please contact epson". It canceled that head clean, but it has allowed me to do subsequent cleans and hasn't given any errors yet. I've tried unplugging the caps at either ends of the ink cartridge as well as leaving both unplugged. Any hints what I might be doing wrong?
  9. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32961307250.html plus a LM4040AIZ4.1 to get a good reference voltage (if you are using an arduino) and you can get way more accuracy than you could possibly need.
  10. 031006 is the error code. I actually built my cleaner from kitchen anti-jam pans, cheap Chinese ink pumps, cheap ultrasonic horn/driver and a 0-10 psi pressure transducer. If you look at the pictures on alibaba of the commercial ultrasound print head cleaners, there are shots of the inside internals and it's literally all off the shelf stock parts that add up to less than $100 as long as you know what you're doing with the electronics. I'm even trying to make mine a little fancier so I can change the direction of the flow back and fourth like an expensive Printdoctor.
  11. One printer is stuck in "inspection mode", won't take emergency firmware update, and gives a fatal error when I try to boot it into normal mode. I have zero clue what could have cause this. The second one was definitely 100% my fault. I have an ultrasound machine I use for cleaning print heads, with the R280 you can leave the print head in the carriage, park it over the capping station, and then suck the cleaning fluid from the waste tank with a syringe. I assumed that my problem was that the ink was horrifically clogged, and assumed it had to do with the fact that normal ink was dye rather than pigment. So I tried to purge it out the way I normally would, as head cleaning was not the problem. The ink/fluid overflowed and leaked onto the motherboard, now it will not even turn on at all.
  12. Wait, you need to remove the plugs when printing? I didn't see any kind of hole like that on the stock cartridges. I thought the plugs were for filling the cartridges only. And I appreciate the words of encouragement. Unfortunately it looks like I bricked my printer trying to clean it as the motherboard rests directly beneath the print assembly, and the fluid WILL leak if the ink pump doesn't immediately suck it up with a cleaning cycle. I'm definitely trying to stay positive, it's just such a frustrating market right now. I can't even buy a used P400 even if I wanted to, and then the print head would literally cost more than 2X brand new XP-15000 if it ever needed to be replaced. And the printer I REALLY wanted was something in the R1800/1430 range, which are now selling for double/triple since being discontinued, and I'm starting to suspect that the head price is also going to get jacked up in the near future. I still have my trusty R280, but I NEED something that can do A3. As infuriating as it is to deal with this printer (XP-15000), I feel like learning the quirks now is probably a better option than desperately trying to cling to 20 year old printer scavenging rapidly diminishing parts. And as awful as it is to feel like I'm bricking these printers consecutively, for $300 they are basically disposable anyway. My background is in CNC, so I am much more used to knowing all of the fundamentals of how machine works than with these inkjet machines. I know the R280 like the back of my hand and that definitely made me a little overconfident when hacking the XP-15000. I have another one on the way so hopefully I manage to not brick this next one.
  13. How the hell are you guys getting any results? I'm pretty sure I just fucked up two of these printers attempting a DTF conversion. The first one I was sure I must have screwed something up, but this is the second time now. Regular OEM cartridges work fine, DTF ink does not print AT ALL. Maybe I'lll get a little bit of yellow if I clean if 5 times in a row. Using DTF Pro ink. If I didn't see reports on the internet of this thing being used for DTF, I would have cut my losses and assumed it was impossible.
  14. I just got into DTF printing with two XP-1500s. I've been very nervous since there isn't a lot of information about these conversion and I've seen a few people complain about the issues you mentioned. Do you have more information about Epson disabling modified firmware? Is it possible to reflash the firmware if you screw this up?
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