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  1. Also remember there are no stupid questions, although it is stupid not to ask.
  2. I found that if i let the image dry for 15 min, then powder, i didn't get that happening.
  3. Are you tring to insert the roll through the same place you put a sheet? There is a light grey compartment on the back that you pull down and the roll paper goes through there.
  4. Physically on the printer, In System Administration, then Printer settings, then paper size check.
  5. Its only ok, since i haven't completed a shirt yet. Defiantly has the chance to be a hell of a lot better than white toner printing. Printing, and using ek print are totally fine now. I was able to talk to someone and she sent me videos of her ek print screens so i could set it up. I have printed about 20-25 films. I am currently working on curing the powder correctly. I'm using a flash dryer. Also last night i started letting the films dry for 15 min after printing, then i do a one pass on the powder. I put powder on one side of the film all the way across then slide to the other, but i
  6. Great post Johnson4. You have been a huge help to me. I have also talked to a few other people in dtf. And by other people I mean people who don't sell printers. Most of the people I have talked to have been great. They will answer questions as best they can. And the typical answers sound like this " I do this step, this way, but others do it differently" Because there are more ways to do each step. You can choose from a few printers, then there are those people who ask everyday if you can convert some random model printer. Convert yourself or buy it from someone a
  7. Yes for sheets, you have to turn off the auto paper size check on the printer.
  8. Ok lets at least poke the bear. He said you can not apply powder for dtf by hand. Um......most people are.
  9. Are you using DTG or DTF? This is the DTF forum.
  10. I can't understand the video because i don't speak the language. I would love to know the differences in all the powders too.
  11. Anyone? I'm looking for basic settings to get started.
  12. What should the typical settings be for this software? Color and White settings? Which cartridge setup should i use for best results? YMCK WWWW or something else?
  13. I am building a P800 for DTF. I will be using the ink and films from Andy. But my questions are related to cleaning. I understand that I should have an extra set of cartridges for cleaning. What solution should i use in them? Is this a home made mixture or is this the Printer flushing fluid that Andy sells? Should I put the Kodak wet capping solution on the capping station? Nightly or only when I clean. This is sold by Andy. Do these solutions work for DTF even though they say DTG on them? Is there anything else that needs to be done regularly? If the nozzle ch
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