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  1. Can! It will even have better two-pass print quality.
  2. Johnson4 have you tried reusing the film and how many times?
  3. Silicone baking paper can withstand high temperatures. Previously, it was used with plastisol transvers, as now they use a film for DTF.
  4. What is "yellow copy paper"? --- This is baking paper, used for screen printing as a DTF
  5. PowerRip won't work for you; it can't print with white ink and color at the same time. Suitable for your printer AcroRIP 903
  6. The dryer is suitable if you are going to dry 5-6 films per minute.
  7. The paper tray plays an important role for the DTF to keep the film in a horizontal position, preventing the film from bending, ink spreading. When the film ends, it goes to an additional pushing roller, but there is nothing to press the film against the ox, since we removed these wheels and the film remains under gravity on the ox. At this moment, as the film is not fixed with anything, anything can happen, film shift, printing defects, or even the roller will not be able to push it further along the printing process. I ran into this situation in sublimation printing. Sublimation papers have
  8. Good question! Color migration occurs a couple of months after the print is applied to the fabric. So you need to wait, maybe someone will post this test. It is best for your company to do this test yourself because fabrics and fabric dyes are different. I also want an answer.
  9. The video clearly shows that your drawing in film size cannot be done like that! The design should be smaller than the sheet of film so that the end of the film remains in the printer for holding and ejection from the printer.
  10. I have watched the "Hobby Print Indonesia" video they have installed in AcroRip for L1800 cmyk 60%, white 100%
  11. Window cleaner comes in a variety of compositions, isopropyl alcohol-based cleaner dissolves the ink and can be poured into the parking lot to clean the print head (which I do sometimes), more often I pour distilled water into the parking lot. I recently purchased such a solvent and ink I want to test, The solvent has a chemical smell and dissolves the ink I think this solvent is for deep cleaning of the head
  12. Forgive me Johnson 4, in order to switch to matte, you need to specifically climb into the printer menu and switch to matte, this is a deliberate action, almost a "terrorist attack" in a small size.
  13. In my printer, the matte cartridge is empty, so that you understand, I am drawing a diagram of the operation of the black cartridge. If you use DTG ink, only the chip is used from the matte cartridge.
  14. Is the ninth cartridge matte black? It should be empty as it is blocked by a valve and only regular black is used.
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