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  1. Hey guys, Due to the consistent maintenance we do on the P600, the plastic printhead release screw has slowly stripped over time. I'm attaching a picture. I have a feeling I'm not the first to run into this issue. Curious how you guys fix this and prevent it in the future. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the update. How are you keeping your film flat as it goes under the printhead? Is it downward tension from your diy roller?
  3. Yup, exactly. This is definitely an odd one. I'm happy I was able to reciprocate some help back your way with the roll feeding.
  4. Thank you for all of the help. Double layering the beginning of the roll solved the 0x55 and paper out error. And that also solved my invisible print issue. So odd...
  5. That's awesome! Can you show a video of all of it running?
  6. Unfortunately I still haven't been able to fix it. I'm also getting a paper out error (when a roll is properly in place) and I suspect that could be causing the issue. Any guidance on where I can find the affected sensor?
  7. So cleaning the printhead and letting it sit overnight seemed to have fixed that problem but now I am experiencing something very odd. When I send a print job it does the job but nothing is being printed. The printhead moves over the film like it is printing but no ink is ejecting from it. Ran a printhead cleaning and a nozzle check. The nozzle check wasn't perfect but looked quite normal to me. All colors including white were showing properly on the nozzle check. But when I print a design it doesn't eject any ink. What would cause this?
  8. I've run into an odd issue here. Inserted a roll into the printer (P600), it detected that I was inserting it and it fed in. Everything seems fine. I start a print and then right when the printhead starts moving, it shows an error 0x55. I restart my printer and it no longer detects the roll. Doing the same thing over and it produces the same error. Any idea why? Thanks.
  9. The shaker looks great! I can't wait to see more!
  10. Take anything I say as a grain of salt because I've only been involved in this stuff for a couple months and am still learning a lot of things. DTG won't be any good for you. DTG stands for direct to garment, as in it is for printing on clothing/fabric and you will not be able to use DTG on anything else because the ink won't stick. I have no experience using DTF on anything aside from clothing. I do not know if it will stick on the items you want to produce but you could try buying some DTF adhesive powder to see how it reacts with the item under 320 degrees F. You will need a heat press to test this out. If a thin layer of powder sticks on the items and don't get damaged under that temperature, I think it would work. I personally cure my powder by placing it in a 325 degree convection oven for 12 seconds and then heat press it to the garment for 15 seconds at 320. Regarding whether you should DIY or buy a prebuilt, it seems there is no definite correct answer. I went the prebuilt route and bought 2 DTF P600 printers because I have a business to run that was bleeding cash every day due to excess costs and poor quality outsourcing to a print on demand company. When you are getting thousands in sales on a daily basis, time is money. So it wasn't a good time for me to tinker for many weeks going DIY. Since then, I purchased a used P600 to tear down and educate myself. I learn something new every time I work with my printer and I understand so much more now. That is why I bought prebuilt. The argument for doing DIY is also very valid. No matter what, you will need to learn how these printers work. You will run into problems no matter what and you will have to solve them. Going DIY, I'd expect you to have a better understanding of the printer and an easier progression of problem solving. And you will save money. If colors aren't important to you on wood, I would recommend looking into engraving instead. Although I haven't messed with it, it seems very cost effective if you buy a laser engraver and attach it to a 3D printer such as an Ender 3 Pro. Edit: Also, if you are just starting out and aren't producing much, I would recommend paying a print on demand company to produce the items for you. You may also want to look into sublimation for phone cases.
  11. I also use a P600 from Andy. I use EK Print and these are some things I would look into. If you use something else, this may not be as helpful but I would still recommend looking into the equivalent settings in the program you use. - Double check the colors in photoshop and ensure it is a true white and not actually grey. - Try increasing the underbase % without it being so high that the ink runs off the film - Try increasing the base % if it is less than 100% - Try increasing the brightness in EK Print.
  12. My staff has done around 500 sweatshirts so far and some of those were all white prints coming out looking great. I'm not sure what program you are using krewdentials but I use EK Print. If your white is looking grey, it means your underbase is too thin. I was running 100% for the base and 80% for the underbase for quite awhile but recently changed the underbase to 60% and I'm still very happy with the results. Your results may vary but I found a 100% underbase to be way too much and cause the ink to run (even at 80% for some of my large prints).
  13. Had a chat with Andy and he solved it for me. Just like you are saying, make sure the printer detects the roll and make sure EK Print feed is set to roll. Aside from that, EK Print's feed settings will still cause it to feed out the excess film. Adding the attached custsetting file to EK Print solved it for me. Hopefully somebody will find this helpful. Thank you guys for the help. custsetting.ini
  14. Yeah I do have roll selected as the feed method Edit: Can't get to the printer right at this moment to show it until tomorrow. But I definitely have feed set to roll in EK settings.
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