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  1. Regarding the paper cut, all I know about it is that once a print is done, the touchscreen has an option to cut or don't cut. When I select don't cut, it does nothing. When I select cut, it ejects even more film. And then when I select that I have finished cutting, it pulls the film back in. By eye, it appears to me that both options result in the same length of ejected film.
  2. Thank you for the help guys. It was a bit of a dumb moment for me when I realized there is a roll feed slot for the printer. I got that all working fine now. One issue. I feel my print is ejecting way too much film between each print. My dimensions for the printer and EK print are 13 x 14 and it seems to eject way too much film between each print. What is the best way to address this?
  3. I pulled out the roll and inserted it just like I would a sheet. Is there a different way I'm supposed to feed it? On EK Print, I couldn't find any dimensions for an actual roll.
  4. So after a few tries with paper under the film I was able to get it to feed and perform a print. Unfortunately, after it finished printing, it tried ejecting the roll for several seconds and then gave a paper jam message. It is as if the printer doesn't have the correct settings for a roll and it's trying to eject a sheet. How do I find these settings? I thought I had everything set properly.
  5. I haven't tried stacking paper behind. Will give that a shot tomorrow. It feeds my film sheets fine (with a little hand guidance when it feeds).
  6. Damn, it's been off on my machine. Anybody have a solution for ensuring the roll feeds into the printer? Mine always just gives a paper jam error.
  7. I'm struggling with the roll. When I try to manually feed it, it tries to eject it and then gives paper jam error.
  8. Supposedly it has "anti dye migration" but it sounds a little gimmicky to me because I only run into migration issues when I haven't properly cured my print. Mixing black powder on a white back doesn't make sense to me because you would possibly need to use more white ink to offset it in comparison to the white powder.
  9. Thank you so much! I ran the ink charge but it would stop at around 50% because the printer would show the "cannot recognize ink cartridge" error so I'd have to push the reset button. I decided to run it a 2nd time until it hit the 50% mark and gave the error again. I ran a nozzle check and an entire line was missing for cyan. I did a cleaning and it looked good after. Ran a test print and it looks good! I'll report anything that arises but I think I'm all set. On a side note, thank you for all the responses you make on this forum. I've lurked through so many threads and your responses ha
  10. Prior to printing these nozzle checks, I ran a print head cleaning about an hour ago. Printed this 5 times and all 5 were consistent. The rubber was removed from the vent holes when I installed them a couple days ago. When I originally installed the cartridges, I didn't purge them. Yesterday, I purged them and placed them back in. I've ran maybe 8 head cleanings and 10 prints since then.
  11. I just tried large, level 3, 125% and got the same result. I appreciate all the time you guys have spent so far trying to help me. It's a real bummer not being able to get this new setup to work properly. What would you guys advise I do at this point?
  12. This is a DTF pre-built from Andy. I checked my resolution and realized I had it at 1440x720 on my printer and 720x720 on EK. I switched both to 1440x1440 and tried printing again but I still see lines.
  13. Tried setting platen to wide and also tried increasing thickness from 3 to 4. No change in results unfortunately. I attempted 3 larger prints when I was testing it. I did a nozzle check afterwards and all I could find was a single small broken line for cyan. Nothing else.
  14. I'm loving my print aside from the small lines that are appearing. This was after a good nozzle check. What is the best way to solve this? Thanks.
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