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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am just getting ready to build out my P800. I purchased AcroRip 9.03, but have read on this forum that some people are using EK Print Studio Rip. Curious which you think I should use and why? Or do I really need Kothari? I am planning on using transfer film rolls if that makes a difference.

    And what is the best way to build an output tray? Is there one available on the market or is there a video tutorial on how to make one?

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it...


  2. Alright… I think I have everything I need to covert my brand new Epson P800 to a DTF Printer, but would like to hire someone to walk me through the steps (via Zoom or Facetime) so I don’t screw the conversion up. I am willing to pay a reasonable hourly rate to someone who has converted a P800 themselves and has the machine up and running still.

    Here is what I have: (please let me know if I am missing something)

    New Epson P800

    Elongated Refillable Cartridge Set

    Chip Decoder for Ink Refills

    AcroRip 9.03

    Roll Adapter

    Roll of Transfer Film


    Adhesive Powder

    Looking for someone that really understands the machine, as I would like tips as well, so I get off to a somewhat smooth start. I’ve heard conflicting things from people… for example… most things I have read it says that you need to remove the wheels, but I talked to a guy that was building his out and said he wishes he hadn’t removed them. Do you need to take them out or not? I have no idea.

    Plus… tips on Daily Maintenance and the best way to keep printer running smoothly.

    If you are interested and really know your stuff, please let me know.



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  3. 1 hour ago, johnson4 said:

    You wrap the portion you are going to cut ( like 4" or so) with masking tape so it's secure. Measure and mark 17.95". Use a Miter saw. You can look up videos and other things on how to do it Works for vinyl, paper, and probably this stuff. 

    Thanks... appreciate that! Was curious if something like that was possible.

  4. Hi Guys,

    I ordered a roll of film from China before I knew Andy was getting the 17" rolls in. The roll I was getting was suppose to be 17", but there was some misunderstanding on the person I ordered from and he sent me a 60cm roll which is 23.something inches wide. Is there a way to cut the film roll to 17" so it will work in my P800? If so, what can you cut it with?




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