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  1. thank you but I actually switched to EK Print and I am very happy with that.
  2. OK I will be back home later and we will send the file and see how it goes. Thanks
  3. The image below is not done with neon colors and you can see when the transfer was pressed on the shirt the colors are very dull. The hat should be yellow and the aliens should be more green. All the colors are dull. I have seen other people doing DTF with regular colors and the colors are very vibrant and we are not getting those results at all.
  4. You can see on the image on the screen how bright everything is and how white the lettering is but when we do the print on the black shirt the white looks gray and the colors are just dull. I am new with Kothari so can you explain where you make the changes on how much ink is put down. Currently, Choke is set at 98, Underbase at 60, and highlight at 20. Output color strength is at 80. Thank you for your help.
  5. Can anyone help with the ink settings for DTF printing on an Epson SC P600. The colors are not coming out vibrant at all. Please Help!
  6. Can someone please tell me what is the best RIP software for DTF. I have a P600
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