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  1. So if you are doing DTF using acrorip, do you have to have the version 9.0.3 or can you use any version. I currently have version 8 but it will not allow a white and color pass. If I need version 9 where can i get an instant download?
  2. so my DTG was set up as YMCK+WWWW and they told me that sinc im using the same software got DTF to set it up the same. So is my ink in wrong? or can I continue to use this way
  3. I’m having that same problem, not knowing the color order
  4. I just received my DTF machine and i am just confused at what to do besides plug up using usb to software and fill ink? Please help.. if I’m using RIP what are the settings suppose to be... what maintenance do I do at first? I have a P600
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