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  1. Hi guys , thanks for the advise. Can anyone tell me if this printer is gonna be worth the £1000 asking price ? And also what heads , how much, it’s not been used for over 2 years has done very little work . Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks Andy , are these running a dx5 printhead ? Any pointers on where to look for uk supply on the parts
  3. Hello all, I’ve been offered a polyprint texjet epson 4880 dtg printer really cheap, it will probably need new printheads as not used in a while. Any thoughts on if it could be a dtf ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi All, what a great forum here , some fantastic views, tips and tricks. I've watched Andy's L1800 conversion, i think this is the way to go with this . My questions are - What ink and were to buy (UK) Were to buy Transfer film (UK) The powder glue, were to buy (UK) Do i need a RIP ? Thanks guys All the best.
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