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  1. I have Kothari Rip for F2100 can I add a P800 printer on it or I have to get the Specific Kothari for P800?
  2. So if its a DTG ink we can Print DTF on the Epson F2100?
  3. I just bought me a used P800, What do I need to do to make it fully functional DTF Below is as far as I know: 1. Buy Extender Cartridge - https://www.dhgate.com/product/9-color-set-280ml-l-model-xl-refillable-t8501/517776031.html?f=bm|GMC|pla|10936259984|108807308338|517776031|pla-320467456274|104010002002|US|hydink|c|2|&utm_source=pla&utm_medium=GMC&utm_campaign=hydink&utm_term=517776031&gclid=CjwKCAiA-f78BRBbEiwATKRRBGq3-niHi5jmzoiHxyYiHwsbj3wu_FWsM5ooU-hpw549gvZX0dGtDxoC_b4QAvD_BwE 2. Get Rip - https://store.opendtg.com/collections/featured/products/koth
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