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  1. good day, please I need your help on an issue. my power supply board was blown because of a power surge. I had originally used a 220 volt power supply current on my Epson r3000 that was rated 120volt, it worked fine all the while, but along the line a power surge burnt the power supply. so I am wondering if I could replace the burnt 120 volt power board with a 220 power supply board without any issues
  2. Is does have one pass but does not have chipless support
  3. Does the fine powder make the hand feel softer compared to medium or coarse powder
  4. Which printer is better for dtf. Considering the picoliter of the 3880 is 3.5 and that of r 2000 is 1.5 . Does the picoliter matter
  5. Thanks for the info, so which one do you advice me to get. I saw this one on AliExpress US $14.32 | DTG Ink Textile InK Garment Ink Cleaning Liquid Cleaning Fluid Printhead Cleaning Solution DTG Ink Cleaner (3 Capacity Options) https://a.aliexpress.com/_mPStDfT and I wondering if it is ok
  6. Good day everyone, I am made to believe that a wet cap solution liquid is different from a printhead cleaning solution. I am a bit confused, why two different solutions? Is it that one is stronger than the other or what? I would live to know where windex and other glass cleaning liquid comes in place? I am new to dtf printing and I want to get all my facts clear, before investing in it. Thanks
  7. Sorry to say this here but I am new to dtf printing, but I wanted to be clear on the one phase printing on Acrorip. I know the printer will first print the colors first, before the white underbase, but I don't understand the idea of it. After the first print do I have to feed the printer the film again or what? Please help me clear this out
  8. I have been wondering, what is the need for the platform in the video posted on the first page about converting Epson l1800 to a DTF printer, or do you only need to remove the rollers of the printer
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