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  1. Having the same issue. I am using Kothari and trying Andys shared environment which I believe is 65% white underbase and 80% color strength. Havbeen tweaking those 2 numbers from there and have not been able to get a single good print yet
  2. Any where I can see how that should look? Sounds like you are right as it seems like I just have the stock one (see attached)
  3. Hey all, hoping someone can help me out. Just got my new OpenDtg p600 DTF printer and am having a problem running a sheet through. After installing Kothari, I am doing a test print before filling anything with ink as recommended. So I load a plain piece of copy paper and print a file. As soon as the end of the paper is visible I can hear the head rubbing against the paper for about the last 25% of the print until it eventually has a head crash. I have attached a video and photo. Want to get this figured before I fill everything up with ink. Any help would be great, thanks!
  4. Sharing this info from Vator DTF indonesia group. There are 2 types of PET film. (via Google translate) "A little more sharing for the type of DTF Pet Film. So from the results of the introduction of several factories, there are indeed 2 types of cold peel pet films, namely: 1. Pet Film which has a rather thick coating layer so that it can accommodate more ink with a thick setting or a high speed printer that needs faster ink absorption. The coating character will blend with the ink and when it is removed it will come off, giving an additional layer over the ink surface with an effe
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