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  1. Here's a question: is using refillable cartridges for a 1430 enough for DTF, knowing that I'd have to refill them very often, or is a ciss necessary? I have one of those common ones you see everywhere, that the front flips down to reveal the bottles. The previous owner of one of the 1430's I got had it connected for sublimation ink. I removed it and put it some cheap aftermarket ink to clean out and test print the unit, and I'm not particularly enthused about putting it back in, since my attempts to clean out the sublimation ink of it has been more difficult than I imagined. If I don't have to
  2. I feel similarly (like, where did this come from all of a sudden?) but theres only one way to find out.. I ordered some stuff from Andy over the weekend and am eager to try it.
  3. Wow very interesting information, thanks for the research. I imagine the film that comes off with the ink will leave a much heavier, vinyl feel than the other.
  4. Those look really good. Any dimensions or specs on that tray platform thing for the print exit?
  5. the L1800 looks almost identical to the 1430. Should I assume the process would be the same?
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