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  1. It seems I have similar issue here. Would anyone advise me with my problem? I replied on another thread:
  2. Hi, This is my setup for normal Epson L1800. I've put the lamp on the left side of carriage unit and the height identical to printhead. I have problem the UV light would not cure the printed area on the right as when printing it seems the lamp aren't reaching to the right area, except when head pruning. How to solve this issue to make the print head travel a bit further on the right for UV lamp to have the chance curing artwork on the right. P.S: I move the artwork to the left and put a small line at the right but it wasted so much paper and area as well not practical at all.
  3. Hi Reptilesink, This is its spec. Power: 0-50W adjustable Voltage: DC22-24V Wavelength: 395-400NM, 365-370NM Use chip: South Korea LG imported South Korea LG imported chip Forward current Forward current: 0-2000mA Optical power: (395-400NM wavelength) 0-12000mW/cm, (395-400NM wavelength) 0-2500mW/cm. Recommended irradiation distance: 5-10mm Lamp head dimensions: 35.8 * 14.6 * 22.4 mm Radiator size: 230 * 186 * 123mm Packing size: 29.5 * 24 * 20.5cm Suitable for small size printers, Epson R1390, L1300, L1400, L1800 and othe
  4. Hi Andy! What proximity sensor should I use? - AC-NC Proximity Sensor 2-wire - DC-NC Proximity Sensor 2-wire Do I need to use relay to connect the sensor to the system's signal wire (black & red)? Thank you!
  5. Hi, How would I wire this system to work with proximity sensor? As a noob at this I've searched around for a while but I seem no clue about this. Thanks in advanced!
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