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  1. How do i verify the head is sitting or not properly on the cap?
  2. Hello, Im working on my epson 1430W with uv ink, printhead is in good working order, nozzle check print out good no missing lines.. i printed a test page with CMYK Colors on it, Black, Yellow, Magenta works great but cyan just show some lines and sparkled ink particles, what could possibly be the problem? PS: Using Acrorip as a RIP software
  3. where i can find those fittings you are using for the ink tank lines?
  4. @reptilesinki wonder the same
  5. Yeah, that i know.. but for now just the auto switch on/off.
  6. Hi there andy, My setup doesn´t incluide any arduino since is not a flatbed yet, but i would like to try. what else besiders de arduino board do i need ?
  7. Is there any diagram or diy of how to do it ? i need one of those for my setup.
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