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  1. While I'm not sure about your specific circumstance, AcroRip 10.3 has a known bug that affects XP 15000 paper feed. There is a 10.4 beta out now that addresses a fix.
  2. So cleaning solution can be made by diluting flushing fluid (which would be odd because the cleaning solution is priced higher @ $30/900ml vs $30/L of flushing) and the capping fluid can be made from diluting either of the other 2 (although the capping solution is most expensive $15/250ml)?
  3. Just starting out in DTF, stocking up on initial supplies. I'm more than happy to buy from Andy at DTFSupertore, but confused on how many different cleaning supplies I need listed there. Printhead Cleaning Solution Printer Flushing Fluid Capping Station Solution Clog Buster I expect the clog buster to be stronger, more concentrated, but how about the other 3? I've read in a Facebook forum (yeah, I know, just saying) that I can use the first 3 interchangeably. But are they just different strengths/dilutions of the same thing (e.g. can I dilute one to get another), or is it not that simple? Should I buy all 3? (and the clog buster "just in case")?
  4. I'm just getting started in DTF so can't speak from personal experience, but I understand that the black adhesive powder is especially for problem situations like this white ink on red shirts.
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