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  1. If I wanna try this to use on a P600..do I download the 'Epson' version or the regular v10?
  2. If I wanna try this to use on a P600..do I download the 'Epson' version or the regular v10?
  3. That's amazing! Did you intentionally not use the printer to see how it will perform without maintenance? By the way, if you're only printing on white tees..do you still need a white underbase? Will the hotmelt powder stick to the cmyk ink? Also have you tried 'storing' printed transfers yet for later use?
  4. wow two weeks? that's a long time for it to not dry. so does that mean these dtf inks are not really water-based? by the way what's the percentage of your ink laydown? especially for the white? I'd imagine it shouldn't be 100%.
  5. The thing i'm concerned about which i'm not sure has been talked about enough is the cleaning and maintenance. Since these DTF printers are basically 'closed' with no easy access to the bottom of the printhead as you would with a dtg printer. You will need to disassemble the printer just to check the bottom of the print head. Do dtf inks behave like dtg inks? For people who have been doing this for a few weeks now, are they less prone to build up and clogging the print head?
  6. I don't believe you can truly print vibrant neon colors with dtg/dtf. When I did screenprinting i used to buy special neon inks for that purpose. I found this color chart online (attached). Just print it and press on a shirt and pick the closest one in photoshop with the color picker to use with your artwork that closely matches your preference. This way you don't waste film and minimize trial and error sample runs too.
  7. the modified printer from Hobby Print was retrofitted with a level platform on the output tray. Is that really necessary? Will the slightly angled built-in epson tray ruin the print?
  8. Can you do hot peel with it? I think that would produce a softer hand right?
  9. looks good! did you have to modify and remove anything inside the p600 like the rollers in that L1800 dtf video? also for the transfers, do you think you can store and use them for a later time?
  10. Hey Andy, what about ink maintenance? Are DTF inks easier on the printhead? Do you need to shake the white too to prevent separation? I was google translating the comments on that Hobby Print video and I think I remember him saying DTF inks clog less.
  11. besides changing the ink/cartridges..what other modifications do you need to do to a standard epson printer? Can you feed the film as is? or do we have to modify so that its a flatbed feed like with dtg?
  12. Hey Andy did you test washability? Also will you be carrying DTF stuff (inks, films etc)?
  13. so you can do transfers with regular dtg ink? I screen print but never dabbled with transfers. what is the powder they use and the specific transfer paper?
  14. looks like they're already experimenting with plastisol based inks in Indonesia..I wonder if this will be a thing and eventually come to US shores. The heat transfer method seems like it will be very durable washability-wise. It looks like traditional plastisol screen-print. very tedious process though. Also, curious to see if this ink is easier on the printheads since plastisol doesn't air dry.
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