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  1. Been searching on the web but didn't found conclusive answers. Looking for help: Is there more than one type of UV inks? If so, what's the best type of UV ink to use on a regular Epson printer without modifications? I'm assuming that you can use UV inks on a Epson printer (Ex. R1800, 1400, L805) without any modification, is this true?
  2. Thanks for the input reptilesink, I already ordered some of that leds to do some testing. Any input on the other questions guys?
  3. Hi there guys. Just made my introduction in the forum and would like to have few insights. I've been reading a lot of threads here in the last few days but there are still a few doubts left. For the printers I have the following available: A4 - EPSON L805 A3 - EPSON 1400 A3 - EPSON R1800 I would prefer the A4 size as that would make the build itself a lot cheaper. Also A4 size is more than enough for my needs, I will print directly on railroad models (same as a phone case). From what I could gather around the forum the L805 seems to miss the encoder wheel which makes the ad
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