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  1. Long time low temperature was the cause of the problem.
  2. Yes, I am going to buy Andy's film and see if this is corrected, I have no problem with large and medium prints only with small ones and with care labels. I am doing tests with a temperature of 200c for 2 min, to rule out if the low temperature of 140c prolonged by 5 minutes is what causes this.
  3. I did a test by melting the powder grains with a heat gun and other using an oven as well, but the problem remains ... the small letters come off the film very easily when cutting the labels or handling it. I think the problem is over-temperature, over cured...so it peels off the film easily before putting it on the shirt... Have to do more tests..
  4. Not only the printed details, Small typefaces also fall off easily with handling when cutting labels., it could be the film, I buy it from china
  5. Thanks @johnson4, i am going to do a test with a heat gun, i am having the detach problem with small prints like clothing care labels
  6. My mistake , was Hovering for 5 Minutes not 15 Sec. The Hovering melts very good the powder, all the granules or crystals are melted well and the print gets a glossy finish, but the small the prints when handling or cleaning with a soft brush, parts of the print fall off the film very easy
  7. Hi!, Anyone know why the print after being hover cured at 150c for 15sec. some parts detach themselves or with little effort from the film?
  8. I will continue doing tests, maybe it is the type of DTF paper I will try with another supplier, maybe I will find a thicker paper, for now I will continue printing with the roll
  9. That may be the reason for the problem, Can I adjust the timing with the service program?
  10. P800 on Acrorip, printing on DTF roll, I use 2 white cartridges only Settings: Low Ink Drop, 55 % Color and 60 % White, give good results to me on Dark gray cotton
  11. No gap at all, the slide and the paper (film) are tight Im think that the error is because the paper arrive with some skew to the front
  12. Yes, all rollers cleaned. The DTF paper still spitting it out 1 of 3 times, even with the paper stack. (100 Sheets), agree with you that is when the ASF is triggered, vs the PE, that like the paper did not arrive on time. I did a test removing the cn48 Sensor (Paper,Detector,Pe,Asf, Assy) and still the spitting out I Agree the paper is to thin. All ok printing on roll..
  13. Thanks @johnson4, Now Im printing on Film Roll, Ek & Acro Ok!.. 👍. Just The top Feeder still passes the film sheet direct to eject and ask, want to resume or cancel? (works fine with plain paper) The Front Feeder for Fine Art Paper still displaying wrong media...
  14. Hello everyone, a question here Do you have to do some type of modification or configuration, so that the p800 printer accepts the Pet Film? here my p800, only passes the film paper through one side to the other when i use the sheet feeder; and when I use the Film on the roll feeder, displays Error! wrong media. All these after send to print from Acrorip and Ekprint Welcome any help, Thanks !
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