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  1. Hum, 5 days sounds like it may be worth a shot. I'm interested in printing just simple white images. Since I just fool around with this stuff I can be a guinea pig to a certain extent. I don't have the time right now but hopefully in a couple of months I can give it a shot and report back.
  2. So if I was to use my DIY DTG P600 would I only have to change the inks to print DTG? The reason I ask is I'm interesting in printing white and wonder if DTF is less harsh on the printhead.
  3. You need to buy a membership. See the following link: https://www.opendtg.com/subscriptions/2/
  4. ----------------- Ain't that the truth! From one who knows!
  5. Do you have an stl file for this? I would like to print it out on my 3D printer.
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