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  1. Heya guys, I am getting great results when printing vector graphics (line art, text etc) and colors are accurate but when I print a photo colors are way off (purple skin tones and similar problems). Tried with jpegs, psds, pngs, tiffs with same awful results. Tested it in all the ways I could, with or without ICC profiles (some youtube videos on how to get accurate colors in Acrorip say which profiles to use and they seem to be getting fine photo prints). My idea was to print loads od phone cases and glass photo prints but at the moment I am stuck with printing pens, lighters and other promo materials with simple text or logos printed on them. No one would buy a phone case where their white poodle looks greenish/purple... Any advice on how to sort this out? Is there anyone that has a custom ICC profile that I may give a go? At this point I am becoming desperate and consider buying an x-rite i1 display device (around 380€ here, or 420$) to create custom ICC profiles, even though I am not sure it would help.
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