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  1. hi i replaced the old white ink with a new batch, replaced the carts too. flushed the nozzle the 2 whites even over night. just tested their after 2 head cleans, nozzles were perfect even whites. done a few test prints, everything was perfect until i printed the 4th test print. after perfect white for a little of the print it started going to white lines with gaps like before. done a nozzle check hardly any white nozzle lines. please could you help, what else could it be? thanks again david
  2. thanks, i recently bought new carts and still the same. gonna order sum new white ink today. could the white ink be past its sell by date, only had it 6 months
  3. can anyone help or advise me on a fix for my epson 1400 - white ink problem please?? i fire the printer basically get all nozzles working except white, do a head clean or sometimes i reset the white carts as a new cart soo i don't waste ink. get all nozzles fine, got to print with white and its fine 1/4 of the way in, then white overlay all lines and hardy any white at all. do a nozzle check and basically hardly any white lines now, sometimes a few but not a lot. ive tried overnight flushes, push and pull on flush to losing solid clogs, everything really. printer used to work spot on, no problem until recently. is the print head done? does the pump station need replaced?? has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?? would be really greatful for any help, thanks
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