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  1. I did confirm which printer model with the seller before I bought the ink and I let some junk parts sit in the ink for a number of days (all was ok) before I charged up my printer. I messaged the seller again but at this point it's a done deal. I'm planning to pull out the dampers and check their condition (messy task). Is there any way to know whether the head is damaged? All I can see is the manifold on top and the plate on the bottom which look ok.
  2. I've followed UV build threads that had success with Aomya inks and the folks that sell it claim that it won't cause damage to stock epson parts - but one never knows until it's sitting in the machine. I'll post with updates.
  3. Update... This morning I've got multiple channels leaking through the bottom of the printhead so something is getting worse. It seems reasonable that the inks could be causing destruction of some plastic. I see messy times ahead 🤯
  4. I continue to slowly (really slowly) work on my uv flatbed conversion of a R3000. I succeeded in the flatbed work with support from this group and after mounting a uv led I went to work converting the inks. I purchased a couple sets of refillable cartridges and loaded cleaning fluid in the first set. I ran cleaning cycles until all the original ink had cleared. I loaded the 2nd set of cartridges with uv inks (Aomya - supposedly plastic safe) and ran cleaning cycles to charge the system. The printhead is now leaking - only from the yellow channel. When I wipe off the yellow ink from
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