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  1. 395nm is most universal for most available inks
  2. Both ....led life and printer head .... what china guys suggested is use 12v and 1A constant current PSU it cure ink well so I think not extra power and extra heat is needed.
  3. Hmm I set one of these 12v 1A and it was more than enough to cure ink I used so go down as low you can ...Save your printhead life ...
  4. Which led module it yours one ? Do you have any aliexpress link or led module model ? As there is a lot of variations.
  5. Megainks .....Mimiaki Lus120.....Nazdar260 ....UV works without any profiling needed as they was mixed to be used with epsons dx4...dx5...dx7 printing heads
  6. so which ink do you recommend ?? I am use Megainks soft and I am so far so happy with...works without any extra colour profiling as is prepared for epson users base on orginal epson colours....
  7. Hmm my friend use led uv ink in 1500w for more than 2 years already .... never had any clogs ....and was not aware of cleaning caping station too:) so seems like it is not as bad.... of course on my L1800 I hade to replace dampera anb tubes plus caping station tubes to solven friendly and uv blocking ones..... otherwise it seems to works fine .... i have tested some uv ink under day light and it not cure... cure well when strong uv lamps is used close to it ....
  8. I mostly print on plywood and I am happy with my results not 100% happy with speed so it is why I looking in to it
  9. P600 is coming with gold ecosolvent head and caping station ......I have L1800 converted and it works so good ...I just wonder if P600 will be faster ....as it have 4 chanells for white... or 3 for white and one for varnish ....which will helps mi prints on glass...acrylic ans some metals..... as with L1800 i need to use manual primer aplications....
  10. Andy will little uv as my one installed on L1800 works fine with P600 . I have spare brand new p600 which can be converted.L1800 have cheep printing heads but it is quite slow ...i just wonder if P600 will do the job better ?
  11. Aliexpress ...hand Cutted pice of aluminium just to fit ...6mm clear tubes .... plastic water container plus fish tank water pump....
  12. Fits well L1800 and just fits without cutting anything ...more mods in the future
  13. I tested my little 60w module..today .... as suggested by few guys I moved it a bit up let say 4-5mm over printing head level to cover wider area and avoid polymerisation on the head itself ...I tested full platen printing and it works fine ....constant current led driver used ...seems like it is scratch proof ..too I was not able to scratch it easy even with sharp knife .... more testing soon module is water cooled I will use 5-10l of destiled water and fish tank pump...Today I used 45l but it is too risky to have such big capacity...heasink is almost freezing but uv under seem to be so str
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