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  1. It is made to print roll paper, as soon as it finishes printing, it closes the feed sensor emulation and automatically the roll retracts and accommodates itself for the next printing.
  2. Printer DTF Roll To Roll Smart - PE emulated without pressing button. - Detects the end of printing and the paper roll is automatically accommodated for the next printing. EPSON L1800
  3. no, I'm trying to sell it to a group of people, the idea is to get 800 dollars for this project, but among several people, if I get 10 people, each one will pay 80 dollars, and if I get more people the payment per person would be much less.
  4. hi, the PE sensor of the L805 has 3 wires, one is black (ground), red (3.3v) and white (signal), is that so, or am I wrong?
  5. The result of white base is better on the garment
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