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  1. Hello Guys, I have a P600 Printer with platen using dtf ink. I have the printer sitting on a somewhat heavy table i made out of wood. When the printer prints it shakes the table. Do anyone knows of a heavy duty table that I can purchase that will not move while the printer is printing. Trying to print at 1440/1440 resolution is impossible. Thanks
  2. Mdrake2016, In my p600 all I ever use is 80% original window cleaner and 20% isopropyl alcohol mix together for cleaning and capping ( window cleaner with no ammonia and at least 70% isopropyl alcohol ). I have successfully unclogged every clogged printhead i've ever had. I use this mixture on all my sublimation printers for over 8 years now. I not to long ago bought a Muton RJ900X sublimation printer that the guy had ink spill all over the capping station and waste tank. The printer had clogged head. The ink cartridge had dried ink buildup. I let the print head soak and I poured the mixture in the cartridge for a week. It cleaned it all now the cartridge is flowing great and got all the head waterfall unclogged and flowing great. I also use this mixture in the capping station after I'm done printing every night wit the dtg p600. Firebird ink was causing lots of ink build up. I switched to dupont ink best thing I ever did. Firebird ink clogged my Y connector on the capping station to waste bottle. Firebird ink was causing me too many problems. Try that mixture yourself and see how it cleans the ink off. Im switching the dtg over to dtf and will still be using this mixture. papa
  3. Glad to hear! I was using firebird inks and was having a lot of clogging. After I switched to dupont ink i haven't had any clogs and less buildup in the capping station and wiper blade. Firebird ink was the cause of the clog to the Y connector also. papa
  4. I just bypassed the Y connector. I didnt want the problem to come back again later down the road. What i did was drilled a hole in the plastic cover next to the capping station. I ran the 2 ink lines from the capping station and mounted the waste bottle so the 2 ink lines could drain straight into the wast bottle. I haven't had any problems since. you can search and find 2 straight connectors instead of the Y connector. I just decided to not bother with adding anymore connectors on the lines. papa
  5. Mdrake2016, I had this same problem with my p600 DTG Printer. The problem is you should have 2 waste lines from capping station connected to a Y connector with 1 waste line coming from the Y connector then going into your wastes bottle. The plastic Y connector is clogging. You will have to remove the side panel were the capping station is located then you will see the lines and the Y connector. What I did was drilled a hole in the side by the capping station and removed the Y connector and just ran the 2 lines from the capping station straight into the waste bottle. my waste bottle was located in the back of the printer Problem solved. This problem was driving me mad. Black ink was bubbling and back flushing from the capping station. You can do like I explained above or you can remove the Y connector and replace it with 2 straight connectors then run 2 line extended to your waste bottle. I just replaced my capping station also because the problem had been going on for awhile until i found the problem. This should fix your problem. D
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