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  1. I figured that much :) I've meant what is in the cooling box? is it a heatsink with fans? any electronics for temp. sensing?
  2. Thanks! Can you please explain in a few words what am I seeing here?
  3. That's where the printer's head "spits out" ink at the end of the travel on the right side? BTW, also worth asking - how far from the printing surface does the LED mounts?
  4. Hey all, I'm just starting out with my first flatbed, based on an Epson R2880. At this point I'm putting together a BOM so I can order everything and start building once it is all here. One of the 1st things I've ordered (foolishly or not) is a 50W UV LED module, can't remember the wavelength at this moment but suited to what the ink supplier said it required. I also ordered a dimmable power supply. The basic concept for triggering which I thought about is using two optical switches at each end of the travel but then I came to realize that the printer does not always travel the full
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