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  1. Hello.. Kindly guide me where to get this utility from ... As always really appreciate your help thanks
  2. Thanks... this is useful information for me as well... I am waiting on my P400 to arrive.. (After my fails and wasting money and time with the XP15000 and the Epson 4900) Question... DId you get the Chipless software and chipless carts? I am in the process of ordering carts. Found on alibaba ARC chip version and the without chip ones which are basically half the price... As I am going to do the chipless firmware install anyway, was thinking to use the without chip ones save some money .... Also another question to you.. would you get the film on roll or on sheets with the P400..
  3. Thank you. you mean the ones which need the key on every reset (WIC) .. thats 6-7$ for each time or key... or is there any other reset utility you use (Kindly share a link) thanks. One more question.. for the roll printing.. do you use the P400's roll attachment ? if yes than what is the size of rolls which worked for you with out a problem... 33cm or 30cm.. 10 meters or 100 meters.. thanks.
  4. Hi .. question for your P400. does the chipless software cover the waste ink resets as well.. What solution do you recommend for the P400 waste ink management... thanks.
  5. I got the used Epson 4900.. it was sitting for over 2 years.. took out the print head... 7 out of 10 nozzles clear... 3 are dead.. (I just tried standard water based printer head cleaner (Mild)... now i will move it up a notch to Windex or piezo... all the dampers are caked with ink all the piping is also caked with ink.. i didn't get a chance to hit the epson power flush yet as the maintenance tank was gone and the new one is in the mail... Question at this point do you think i can make do with CMYK +WWW (7 channels) if worst case i just get to though 7 cleared nozzles... secondly do you think i should order new dampers and motor assembly and piping .. or try to clean it with something aggressive like contact cleaner alcohol
  6. New update .. so I gathered the guts to move with the XP15000… took it out of the box .. put the plug in to move the print head slightly so I could free the print head and move out of way of the pizza roller screws … the very first power on gives a smoke cloud and phuff the printer is gone … this is some seriously in reliable DTF printer … the printer is going back to newegg.. but wow what a clear sign to stay clear from the XP15000 lineup… so that just happened… guess my only choice is P600 which I have on hand …… I do have a SC4900 in sight from a seller but that printer has been sitting for over a year without printing … and the ink has all dried out … not sure if I should risk my money on it .. I did read and saw some videos on how the SC4900 is also great DTF DIY printer… any experience with an old printer revival? or should I stay clear.. the seller says he didn’t even buy the 2nd set of inks for the printer .. so I am guessing it’s done under 1500-2000 prints..
  7. Hi.. just going through some of the comments and seeing the challenges and hassles people are facing on the XP15000 (which I was working to convert to DTF).. I am now double minded … I am at a stage where I haven’t put DTF ink in the printer yet… and yet to buy the RIP software and chipless software I have two printers one is XP15000 brand new no existing ink in channels… and another is a P600 with original pigment ink cartridges which I may need to flush I have the supplies to convert either of the two printers to a DTF printer.. my usage will be around 30-50 A3 prints in a week.. print runs every other day… Question is.. should I go after the XP15000 conversion or P600… the only reason I was wanted to use the XP15000 was because the cartridges sit on top of the print head and I thought it would be best to swap the carts with cleaning solution after every print run to keep them unclogged, in case I come after two three days for prints. Kindly suggest, as I am confused.
  8. Thanks for the reply .. I think that should do it … I am assuming you use the chip resetter from AliExpress … any other technology or permanent software resetter..
  9. Hello.. this forum is great … I picked up the XP15000 for converting to DTF… didn’t load up the ink yet, but want to understand and possibly find a solution for the waste ink box.. can anyone guide me what is best mod for the waste ink box.. thank you..
  10. Hi all, Did anyone had success converting the Epson P700 or P900 to DTF. Rip software / Ink system / refillable carts etc.
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