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  1. @ pixeleu It could be related to wrong ink dot size setting. Try to set your color/white dot size to "medium". If you have set it "mix" than you might have difficulty to get nice grey tones. Hope this helps?
  2. Hi, i really like the openDTG forum and it was helping me a lot when building up my UV light printer. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to find user recommendations and experiences on UV light based printers because 95% of all the threads are for DTG. Seperate section only for UV light printing would help a lot to find all the great topics easily in one section. Just a suggestion from my side. Thanks Chris
  3. Thanks for your answers. I was thinking this trick only works for the right side (from printed picture perspective). On the left side (from printed picture perspective) i thought the printhead is not moving to parking area so that UV light is reaching the very left side. But if you tell me ... i will try it. Thanks!
  4. @vittorio Would be great to see your photos soon because i want to build also UV printer.
  5. I am currently building up UV printer based on Epson 1500W. The UV LED is mounted on the left side of the print head ... as usual. When printing full width of A3 size than the UV LED is only able to cure about 2/3 form the full width. Is there any setting in AcroRIP (or also other RIP SW) which can be used to force the print head into parking position for every movement to assure that UV light is moving over the full width? Thanks for your answers.
  6. @ Tstern83: Really very nice UV printing system!!!! Today i have received my Epson 1500W and i also plan to build UV light system because i want to print on objects, not on garment. Unfortunately there is not so much information available for UV light printing. Can you help me as a newbie with your experience to clarify some basic UV light questions??? 1. Where to get the UV light to be used in the printer? Any shop in EU/Germany? 2. Is it necessary to place the UV light in the printer beside the printing head or would it be also possible to use normal UV light (e.g. as used for nail polish) for curing outside of the printer. Is this mandatory to cure immediately inside the printer or just to increase the productivity speed? 3. Which UV ink and UV light can you recommend for Epson 1500W printer? 4. Is there also other non UV light based ink available which could be used to print on objects? Or is UV ink the best and only solution for this task? Many thanks in advance for your answers!! Chris
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