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  1. Because its not supported by the Rip software for 1 pass. Otherwise always start with 2 set of cartridges. In you cass 1 set of cartridges and 1 bulk in system. In case you need to do cleaning. I might have them handy but have to double check. Pm me so i dont forget
  2. For people on a budget and looking for used machine on their local marketplaces I would add the following models that are supported in widely available acrorip for 1 pass Printing. Up to13x19 Faster R3000 R2400 R2000 R2880 R1900 (have to double check and update) Up to 13x19 slower two channels for white so slower compared to above mentioned. r1390 r1400 Up to 17inch widht R3880 P800 (one time chips for the refill cartridges) If you get one of these make sure you get yoourself at least 2 sets of cartridges. One to clean the system from original ink. Ano
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