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  1. With Chipless firmware, no you don’t need chips.
  2. I just used the most ink I could without it running, and made sure I wasn’t printing with “ separated” ink. It settles in 24-48 hours of it has sat and needs flushed or it looks like that too. Some of the films I’ve heard are bad about the amount of ink they can hold, but if you bought it from Andy it should be fine. I avoided this ink settling with the p400 for low volume printing at the moment since it doesn’t have ink lines, while Im busy making the “auto” curing station. Personally I feel any transfer looks better on a ringspun shirt instead of heavy cotton though. Othe
  3. I made this out of steel, If I need to ground it to prevent static I’ll sand it down inside like yours. We’ll see how it works!
  4. If you buy a prebuilt printer it will come with an AIO, which has a header to control a UV light- given software adjustments.
  5. Interesting, wouldn’t have known. Thanks for following up!
  6. I still haven’t done mine this way yet, so unfortunately I don’t know.
  7. Do you have it set to roll mode in EKprint? I don’t see those settings screenshot.
  8. This might sounds stupid, is that round gutter? thanks, I never thought of using something rounded like that.
  9. I’ve never used white rip. Sorry. Did you try asking the person who gave you the demo.
  10. I see, makes total sense. Thank you for posting that. If you don’t mind me asking, what is that your using to apply the powder?
  11. You can flush and switch the ink carts, or use a program that supports individual channel settings like EKprint.
  12. Interestingly I’ve had the opposite effect with humidity. The more humidity, the more clumping I get over time. The spec sheets for the powder generally says to keep it sealed as it makes it clump, which I do experience in a high humidity environment. I have no idea if that is affected short term in its use though. the static makes sense, which is probably why it sticks to the sheet without ink sometimes. I’ll have to try that if I find it an issue, thanks.
  13. I think so too. You see reports of waiting 10-15 minutes to powder after printing, a heated plate as it comes out, depending on the temp, would probably fix that issue. If your sealing the only escape for evaporation, it’s going to form bubbles, but does that actually adversely affect the transfer quality?
  14. Random note in the bubbles. If your curing from the backside( powder side) your sealing the print before the ink is completely dry. If you melt the powder and create that barrier/seal, and the ink still needs to evaporate some, it’s probably where the small bubbles come from. probably why some of these big machines cure from the ink up( front of film/from the bottom) instead of solely on the backside. so for example, if you had a heat press with both heated platens or was able to cure from the bottom, it would probably stop. Personally, with a flash dryer on a spinning ba
  15. Don't sprinkle. Put some on the film and roll it off the other side over the print. too much ink can cause this, or if the powder is too fine. Medium works good for me. Screenprint powder doesn’t work at all, it’s too fine and sticks to everything. as others have said, you can also let it air dry for 10-15 minutes as well before powdering. I set my printer to use as little ink as possible and still get the colors I need. Anything more than that and you get the film “wicking” the ink carrier around the edges. Most prints I’ve seen floating around have too much ink
  16. Interesting, I’ll have to check it out. Does using a smaller “platen” size in EKprint make the film smaller?
  17. No matter the size in EKprint, it should only print the size of the image, however I haven’t roll printed myself just yet. do you have the paper cut turned on? It should suck it back in after you cut it.
  18. The P600 correct? There is a photo on the front that shows a photo of a roll of paper. follow those directions it gives you. That paper (film) needs to be loaded as a roll into the printer, instead of a sheet, before you try printing anything as a roll or it will be treated as a sheet. As for EKprint, you just select Roll in the settings. The print size is the size of the platen you make in the software. So, for example, make a 13X21 ( or whatever) length. or 9,000 width and 15,000 length. You edit this in your Cust.ini file for your custom sizes/platens on ekprint. 720 is 1 inch.
  19. Wait, your printing from a roll? Totally missed that and my mistake. Did you load it into the printer as a roll before trying to print anything? Printing from the RIP software as a roll?
  20. Right, but it also has to feed at a specific time or it just runs it through/says paper jam if the film has slipped at all. The paper load has a very small window from when the ASF is triggered to when the PE sensor is triggered. If that’s out of whack, it just spits it out or errors out. I don’t think I have ever really been successful without using some form of backing other than just the film ( at least the super thin film). mine is in “ hibernation mode” while I build this “DIY” automatic powder/cure portion. But I don’t remember if another setting existed Other than the paper si
  21. Did you try stacking some paper behind the film? Does it feed regular paper fine in the same scenario?
  22. I haven’t had bubbles occur before, it could mean too much ink. As it’s trying to evaporate too quickly as it’s trapped, causing that maybe. either that or too high of a temperature. the medium powder with one” swoosh “ across is the best method I agree. The TPU is affected by temperature and humidity. Keep it sealed. the stuff I received needed ran through a “ strainer” to get the clumps out. After that it’s been fine. I know I can’t use the fine powder at all, it sticks all over the place and too much. I realized that’s probably what the black TPU is for, so you don’t have to worry
  23. I appreciate that and you are absolutely right. Me, and many others are more than happy to offer what we know to the end of our skill set. Why? Because it’s awesome helping people and keeping those “ misinformed businesses” at bay, more than likely those helping as well fell into that roll at some point of being “ had”. I know I have, and it sucks losing hard earned money. We all started out new once, and if you put in any type of effort, me personally, I’m willing to help in anyway I can. I am wrong sometimes, as anyone could be. But I’m open minded and always verify what anyone says before s
  24. Yea, a couple things he said, I do daily, and have for quite awhile. Some of his statements on the three processes, are incorrect. Some things are spot on. It's probably one of those people who try to make a " Cash Grab" on the next "Hot Seller" in the industry, exactly what I warn people about. If your going to get advice from someone, it shouldn't be the same someone trying to sell you something, unless it's AFTER the fact, as in customer service. It honestly sounds like a car salesman, trying to sell a 16 year old on why a 2003 dodge neon is a high end sports car, just no one knows it yet
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