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  1. If your making an ICC profile, add it to the rip program and be done. if your using color swatches to find an exact color, then you need to use the hex code that coincides with the swatch color and edit your design. So if your CMYK design has a pink, you print and find the right pink in the color swatch, then edit your image file colors to that code, so it will print that exact color to that value.
  2. You just print the color swatch as you normally would a design, and see which color you like and follow that code.
  3. Have you tried printing color swatches? That's what I did when I had issues with certain colors. For the life of me ( well, two years) light pinks always gave me problems. I was able to find a color code for the one's I wanted with my current settings and changed my graphics to match. If not, you could always pay to have an ICC profile made for your specific setup.
  4. If it’s anything like the Epson 1430, it’s probably both. I had constant clogging/flow issues with those printers with anything other than dye ink.
  5. I honestly can't say. I've never had this issue before, aside from a faulty ink cartridge/forgetting to remove the air vents. I have never had it happen for no reason.
  6. Just look for ones with ARC chips. Expensive doesn’t mean better. inkowl.com is a good place
  7. The r3000 has large cartridges available, so I don’t see why you would need a CISS system. DTF uses very little ink. The less places for the white ink to settle, the better since you have to shake/flush those often. 30/80mL cartridges are plenty. R3000 doesn’t have anything to program for Chipless. Meaning Chipless isn’t available for it. so you must use ARC cartridges as your only option ( auto reset chipped cartridges). the p600 has Chipless firmware for it, which is the newer version of the R3000, while the R3000 doesn’t have it available. If you did find this somewhere, I’d love to see it.
  8. It doesn’t. You buy the reset utility for the p400 for the waste pads.
  9. Exactly, head issues are pretty rare, compared to DTG and the like. I’ve tried to clog my heads and haven’t yet with this ink.
  10. R3000 is basically the same, except no Chipless, older version head.
  11. I saw that a month or two ago. You would need to replace the Ink tank with something else- like an external ink tank/damper system with white ink circulation, or modify the original to do similar.
  12. The p600 is a good machine, don't get me wrong. But the P800 is easier/better to clear settled ink with. The P600 Ink line Assy is harder to clear. Yea, P400/P800 is what I have and use at the moment. The P600 is so expensive now, plus the time heavy ink purging if you don't print everyday, it just never really fit my bill. I used several of them for DTG for a few years. Whats he asking for the P600's?
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Epson R1800 Adjustment Program
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