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  1. i will say I’ve noticed the matte film, the powder tends to stick to it a bit more so it takes more “ smacking” to clear it, or even a machine. the glossy film the powder just falls off, a couple “ smacks” would be plenty, if even that is needed.
  2. You could always ask, it’s really a preference thing. Personally I don’t like glossy finishes on my products. The stuff I normally use is matte finish but it’s from China.
  3. It would be fine. The cure machine I have can cure them in about 30 seconds. Being about 15” of cure space, you would have plenty of time I would imagine. Moving 4.5 inches a minute would give you roughly 3 minutes under the curing portion, which is plenty.
  4. So your doing two head passes of white ink per line, if you notice it advances once every two head passes now.
  5. I want to add, when I say head pass, in EKprint that reads as level, so level 2 is two head passes.
  6. Oh, yea single pass is a must for DTF. With DTG it could reload and print the 2nd cmyk pass, giving the white time to dry so blending didn’t occur. I meant the head passes, so the head goes left, that is one pass, the head goes right, that is a 2nd pass. so single pass means it advanced the film once for every head pass. Two head passes means it passes twice before advancing the film. my thought was, if it had to print slower, why not do one head pass cmyk, one head pass white, at 1440x1440 instead of at 2880 speed with underbase enabled like it is now. I get 14 prints an hour as is like that. 35 prints an hour at actual 1440x1440. might be stupid but it might be faster. Anyway, overall 14 prints an hour with an underbase isn’t acceptable to me, however from shopping Chinese machines, they aren’t much faster if at all, which is why I’m working on the 1440x720 settings for my machines.
  7. He is looking into the other issue though. I noticed in 1440x720 mode, it prints the same speed with or without an underbase. in 1440x1440 mode, it prints half as fast as expected, however if you add the underbase, the print time doubles again. Basically like it’s printing in 1440x2880. I thought this was normal in DTG. but now I see if in 1440x720 it doesn’t make it print in 1440x1440 “speeds” when underbase is enabled. So why does it print in 1440x2880 speeds when in 1440x1440 with an under base, but at 1440x1440 without an underbase. So to me, either one or the other is wrong, it’s not possible for both to be correct. If there is an issue, it will help for sure either way, to me at least. Unless I’m wrong. if that is the case, it would probably even be faster to do 2 head passes instead of printing in 2880 speeds ( 1440x1440 with underbase enabled).
  8. Just heard this from eukon “in DTF printing, with one pass underbase printing enabled, the White underbase and Color layer has to be in the same resolution.”
  9. Interesting, I’ll have to try that thanks. It didn’t really matter with DTG but with DTF just 3 percent is enough to make or break a print for me. I wonder why it even goes that high, anything after 200ish percent doesn’t really do anything for me anyway.
  10. I use hot peel, because I press, wait 3 seconds then quickly peel. I also use MATTE finish, I DO NOT like Glossy finish film, it makes it look like it was made with vinyl. Cold peel does leave a different finish, if you try to peel hot or even warm it's hard to tear away. Basically, Go with hot peel, since it can also be peeled cold.
  11. I printed at 1440x720, single head pass. I don’t remember exactly since my computer “ updated” overnight and I have to start over. But the ink percentage was around 80-100, with four white ink channels. I have noticed that also. I intended on emailing them just haven’t had the chance yet. If I select 1440x720 Cmyk and 1440x1440 white, it still prints in 720, like the CMYK setting is all that matters. I also don’t like the fact that I can’t manually use anything between 50 and 75 percent on the underbase. I use 65 percent on my Cmyk, if I do that with the white underbase it turns into 650. ive emailed them before and gotten things changed before, so I’m hopeful it won’t be an issue to fix/explain.
  12. That’s terrible. i used to buy parts from them, until I realized they were overpriced. Not really a con though, rather a bad decision on my part. The film they sell for DTF is twice the price of what I use for example.
  13. I always do I had some decent results, with the white being perfect on the p400 at 1440x720. I also had some pretty decent cmyk prints, still working on the proper settings though on the cmyk. It’s weird because I’m not getting banding at all, just not enough ink.
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