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  1. Good night friends! The problem of the error was solved, I acidentally pul a wire a few days ago, and the weld of Encoder B on the SUB Board has broked, the copper rail was interrupted, so the signal for automation worked, but not for the printer, so I got the error 0xE4 or E4H, Now I'm putting all the parts together, and let's go to test it with open DTG code, because my code give this aditional step on printing, about it, what can be the motive?
  2. Good morning! Yes friend, it lights up, I tried to turn the printer on with a new encoder board and nem encoder wheel+motor, and it gives the same error, if I send the platten back and turn the encoder by hand, the platten moves correctly 😕
  3. Hi friends! Good night! I made a DTG/UV printer for a client, but on my tests it's getting some aditional steps, and later, my encoder A wire touched encoder B wire during work, a terrible mistake, so now I'm getting the error 0xE4 all the time, I tried with another complete encoder system, got the same error on PF, I'll share some photos about it and my code too (I made this code to work with 2 buttons and 2 limit switchs: Please, I need great help The code is in rar, 20 teeth pulley and 200 steps/rev on motor WhatsApp Video 2020-06-04 at 20.31.17 (1).mp4
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