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  1. I have my printer set up with a templet for my art work I print a small yellow out line. Byond. My print area of what ever I am printing. That is the easiest way to do it i found as I make templets for the stuff I print on in my shop then all I have to do is drag and drop the art work in the template. And adjust. The yellow line serves to make print head to cover whole thing with uv light my templates are printed with 2 lines. On paper one line it in black for piece I working on so I know where to place them in bed 2nd line in yellow 3 mm from each edge of printer bed down both sides.. I learned it is easier to do a template for uv to match your program. As it takes all the guess work out.. Now as for a rotary for uv I use same steps. And never had a issue yet. Thing is you have have 20 printers all same and no 2 will print the same . so. This is how I set all my printers up on printing. Remeber key thing in uv printing is a template. You get that right and set up. Everything else falls in place .. I just finished a run of 325 wine glasses with no issues becouse of template. Just place and print.
  2. Here is the epson 1400 I gave my son. He done one of my other printers on a upgrade. And he asked is he could upgrade this old thing I built acouple years ago as a friction drive .... Things he done . New base. Mkr bare bones board Nema 23 stepper 800mm rail for drive. He added 3 more top fans. (Not for cooling for venting of the uv ink fumes) Reworked top cover to hide all wiring.. He getting good at making stuff in the fly with the help of dad.. He learning the coading. Really well as well as leading how to use my 3d programs to make part in a stl format for either one of my 3d printers or my 100w co2 laser.. I dont trust him to run my cnc plasma table or my cnc mill yet . As in the pics he done some 3d printed parts for the fan covers and a switch box. He also printed the end stop holder and flag for it . he working on a cable chain to hold the damper hoses and the uv /fan wires. (He wanting to add water cooling to it later down the road he saving up for uv led and water cooling for it.. )
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