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  1. You wet your printhead and/or printhead cables and you plugged your printer as wet. Possibly you need both new mainboard and printhead. Basicly a New printer.
  2. I share same toughs as you that is why i asked so much about this Xp 15000. It is not selling in my country so i have to order it from other countrys that is why i am trying to understand process. Just 1 thing i could not understand. I am post about how you can continue printing after you click catridge buttons. I do understand you just have to reset counters before catridges read empty, but does it contunies printing without spitting the roll if you do that, do you need to do something manually to keep the film in i did not understand this part. Also how do you adjust gap betwe
  3. So you removed sensor's cable, i have a few questions that are not Clear enough. 1- Can you accually roll print or it is printing like printing on multiple sheets(with a bit space between each sheet) 2- You removed cable of sensor under printhead right? 3- if so do you ever need to plug it back? 4- when you are out of ink(not Real but as counters), you can change catridges and it does not spit out rest of roll paper. But what if catridges become empty on mid print, does it contunies the printing or that sheet becomes waste and it starts over? Thank you for these
  4. In theory we can cut the cables of pe sensor, put a rocket switch between it and mainboard, so when catridges seems empty we can turn it off to make it see like no paper, and open connection after it is ready to get paper again. Do you think something like this works? But how your carts becomes full again do you take catridges off and put them in again?
  5. Also i found out that you can print 44 inch lenght as 1 page have you tried it?
  6. So chipless does not read full all the time. How does it reset counters when they are empty? Also what is Total amount of lenght you printed at one go? And does it skips some area between pages if yes how much?
  7. so, this supports uncut roll printing? i mean does it gives out whole roll after print is done, or is it stays in and you can send another print?
  8. Dupont dtg works with some of the DTF films.
  9. P400 is not standard dx5 printhead. R2000 is standart dx5 printhead, not sure about other 2.
  10. I think designing Hardware is not the problem, but software or driver is the Real problem here.
  11. I think they just modified cracked Acrorip 9 and selling it as 10. As far as i know Acrorip is Korean.
  12. If you ask them they say, it is not supported yet, website is mistaken.
  13. Acrorip 10 is not supporting p700 not p900. There are chip resetters avaliable, possibly refillable catridges in 2 months. However Acrorip 10 is not from real owners of Acrorip i think
  14. Are you sure that you selected printer from acrorip?
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