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  1. These colors aren't good at all you are right. I haven't tried DTF just yet, but i tried kothari and acrorip both on DTG. On kothari results were similar to yours, on Acrorip it was so good i questioned why did i buy kothari. However i seen good prints with kothari and i think hue saturation adjustment is being made before printing on kothari. Just not able to try it yet. I contacted kothari to make correct color adjustments, i suggest you to do same. I don't have any time to work about it so kothari is on hold for me for now. Acrorip is much easier to use and get good results as a
  2. 2 possibilities if it is not dtg converted and if it is new. 1- Program is corrupt. Either setup files or installations gone bad. 2- You don't use 1 pass, so paper slides every other print.
  3. There should be configration on acrorip for 9600
  4. Less nozzles less speed. However l1800's nozzles are small too. So more clogging for L1800. But L1800's printhead is much cheaper. Like 1/5.
  5. I found out it is similar to seligrafi method. But its paints less watery. Also found some sellers on china. Learning about if it same or if it is used on some other method.
  6. Download wic reset or adjustment program, when you put solution catridges make an ink charge from program. 2-3 ink charges after that put ink filled catridges and make 1 ink charge, check nozzles and print. If it is a bit bad make another ink charge.
  7. The Vator ink, yes i doubt it is a manufacturer accually.
  8. Can you share the website i will contact and ask them by email. If you are talking about hobbyprint's ink i doubt they are just rebranding imported inks. I found a chinese company, however they seem to be selling same ink for dtg and dtf and both are at same price, so i am sceptical about those inks being accually special for DTF or what you are using.
  9. It is said There are chinese and korean inks. Korean is a bit better and expensive. Thou looking into what is their brands to gather information about if aomeone sells them in my country. I just don't think someone created a new ink just for DTF which is 3 months old printing method. To me it makes more sense if these inks for something else and someone tried it for DTF method.
  10. Nope, For 1 kind of ink(for example white) there is 1 paperwork and cost of taxes and cost of safety for human health paper. If i have to buy CMYK too it is 5x work and cost. So white is said to be latex, while CMYK is only pigment textile ink. Then again maybe i can just bring in the white which May be acceptable. Also CMYK of dtg inks might give better results with dtf white ink maybe who knows? So i think if someone makes an experiement that would be nice. That is why i am throwing out this information. Another thought, i am from Turkey and textile industry is well dev
  11. Hello guys: I am really looking into this because in my country importing any amount of inks is pretty hard. So i am trying to understand if these inks are already on sale in my country. As the information i achived it seems like CMYK is standard pigment textile(dtg) inks and white is apperenty something called latex ink. Can anyone try and confirm if this white ink can be used with Dupont or Kodak cmyk? Also if this latex white is a newly born product or is it known from before?
  12. It is not for Dupont brand. I use Dupont F700 for cleaning and wet capping. However i never keep it inside ink channels and print head for a long time. It May damage printhead.
  13. It should take A3 size around 3 minutes per pass for 1440x1440 for p600. Possibly bigger size printer's a bit slower.
  14. If this ink is useable on Dtg, and accually gives better results with no cloging issues i would not use Dupont or Kodak etc. At all. What's not to understand? You said it have better results on dtf, and less cloging. If this is accually a dtg ink and works well with pretreatment, who would use other brands?
  15. Well, maybe it is accually better with dtg too. That is what i am wondering. If so fuck Dupont ink, i would try to get this and use it on normal dtg too.
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