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  1. Hello, May i have the code too, umutt4n@hotmail.com
  2. This sits on where your catridge sits. There are ones with video on aliexpress you can check them.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/313578855223 Here you go.
  4. I seen some videos online, they are claiming to dtf without powder, on pretreated shirts. Anybody tried it yet? If so how are washing tests and quality?
  5. You May have prints waiting on print q. Delete them.
  6. Just use higher RPM 10 if necessary. More is good, and i don't think any significant amount diffirence there will be. Most likely when you want it to go slower, it just lowers DC output. So RPM also gets low. If you can go %50 with 3 RPM motor, with same conditions you can go to %30 with 5 RPM. If you want to put more powder and go lower speeds at same time then go 10 or 20 RPM.
  7. P400 tends to die randomly i could not figure out why. It seems their mainboard is really fraigle, so it is best to keep them in a well climated area.
  8. Acrorip waits ripping done to start job. So waiting time is long.
  9. Acrorip usually struggles with purple and light tones. For ek i did not get any correct color. Kothari with Dupont inks are best result for me without any color adjustment. It also have supported profilini devices on its manual and setup wizard. So i think best one is kothari. However they support reseller so if your reseller dont want to spend time on you you are supportless. It is important to have it from a good seller. Dont know the cadlink.
  10. Lose internet connection and dont update printer ever. If it is updated that May be why. Also close all Epson programs, they May interfare.
  11. I dont really had any time to deal with this. I will look into it whenever i am free of work.
  12. I still disagree on you about dtg being dead. Dtf is not same as dtg. I would never use a dtf t shirt. I would rather buy a t shirt each year rather than wearing dtf printer shirts. Most likely your t shirt gets old even if your print looks New after a year. So i dont see a point on lasting longer. It's only advantage to me, if you use automatic system it is easier to work for bulk orders and you can transfer it on polyester. With enough money you can produce as many as dtf machines(if you print on roll fabric.). But yeah its machine would be expensive and you would need a small factory. In the end dtf is for people that dont want to invest much money and have work over 50 shirts Per day, and prefer to work alone or with a small group.
  13. Hi, what brand inks are you using? I set a UV printer and got a kothari UV edition. Now this is a P800, so it has 8 channels. I am thinking to use CMYK WWW and Varnish. Should i use CMYK WW and Varnish*2 ? Is there a downside using varnish on same printhead? Also at rip settings i see primer. So RIP supports a Primer layer, however i researched, everybody seems to use Primer with sprayer. Is there a UV curable, printhead compitable primer that i can use? If yes do you recommend it to go as CMYK WW Varnish and Primer setup?
  14. Omrons are good. I use them on height adjustment dc motor. Until This time i maybe used 30-40 of them only one broken.it is around 8 USD in my country from electric supply centers.
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