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  1. Height adjustment system will give you problems. This will work only with lower speed prints, if it works at all.
  2. I hear some textile producers here, using it with epson 5113 printheads. They seem to replace printheads within 6 months, i don't know if this is releated to ink quality or somethingelse.
  3. anum11

    Advanced II

    Is the Ultimate board with LCD panel and height adjustment parts on sale?
  4. it melts eco solvent heads after a while as far as i know. as for l1800, if it’s head same with r1400; i have got one looks same 6 channel. it dx5 and dx7 atleast 3 times faster at 1440x1440. also you can go down to 720x720 on dx5 and dx7 heads which will insanely increase your print speed on top of that. Also can fire 3-4 times more white ink and about 2x cmyk on a pass. edit: also r1400 clogs faster.
  5. i think you would need to replace eco solvent print head for uv along with all ink lines, dumpers and catridges and maybe cap. dx5 uv head is like this for example: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/original-mimaki-jv33-printer-jv5-printhead_60726433769.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.12.3f001800l124Fo&s=p
  6. i just wanted to add an information. you would need uv catridges, ink channels, dampers and not a solvent dx5 head. as far as i learn, uv inks are acidic so apart from them being black for uv lights, their materials are diffirent too. Along with head itself, it should be teflon(don’t know if this is right word in english) dx5 head. so standart head doesn’t works aswell. Also you need a special cap as far as i know but not sure on this one. also you should supply watercooling for best solution and while at it you can put in an ink circulation system too. then again i heard cmyk clogs easier on
  7. hello l1800 ardunio #include <Encoder.h> #include <Bounce2.h> oncer.h:no such file or directory error
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