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  1. You can use pharmacy type hoses just put it into cap hose you are good to go.
  2. To remove white channels you go to "white" section on bottom far right. There is white cannel settings. Click it and un tick unwanted ones. Also you can un tick CMYK channels there, they come ticked but not affecting anything. Telling you just in case if it confuses you. But if you untick channels i recommend you to not put any ink in them or clean them so you would remove the chance of getting them clogged while sitting idle.
  3. Ink is not compitable with your printhead possibly. Try other inks. Either This or your printhead does not fire because of electronic reasons.
  4. Cheap catridges dont have chips included.
  5. If you use cleaning carts, this may solve this issue.
  6. If when you waterfall white channels and they are okay, then check out your capping station. Clean it first, it May have ink buildup which causes losing pressure. If both of these things dont solve your problem, maybe your white ink catridges might got clogged or you left Air holes off maybe.
  7. It is clearly the ink if nothing else. I dont know what you are using but xp-15000 like printheads needs more fluid inks with lesser particle size. Or they clog. To prevent This, Epson seems to be used catridge carrying adaptors. If xp600 adaptors works for xp15000 printhead, This would solve your issue. However then your printhead May get clogged instead. So maybe a diffirent ink would solve your problem. I would try to change ink first then adaptor. For example Dupont p5000 dtg inks works good with dx5 and dx7 printheads but clogs l1800 and xp600 printheads. That is why there is another version recommended for them.
  8. It looks like it can have xp-600 adaptors. Then you can add normal dampers with ciss. If catridges are the case, This is best way to go.
  9. Dude your whites seems like pigments just seperated. You have issues about your ink and ink releated parts.
  10. Your nozzles clogged. Also you can't use all of paper size. You should not use where it completely stops printing
  11. Dtg inks are generally more liquid. So color pass is not fully drying and mixing with whites. So you can use better film and less dtg ink to get results. But DTF inks will be better than your results any time. Also commont DTG inks' colors quickly fades when washed. So it is not advisible. But i dont know how are Epson inks for f2100
  12. What you set white DOT size does not matter except if you go larger, you get more white ink. So it is only good for if %200 white is not enough for you. For color DOT size if you go small or medium instead of mix, you get less ink however you can go up to %200 for ink limit and that May be enpugh on CMYK. What advantage comes from this, if you go smaller DOT size on CMYK you cab print more details.
  13. Just use catridge cover button then off the printer. Wet the cap then turn on and off the printer.
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