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  1. How is this project coming along. Id love to collaborate some time with you. There are few that I can find that make it all the way to pushing print and maintaining the machine.
  2. I used to used this. Found it just does not dissolve all the micro pieces of dried crusted ink very well. I know use "Eco Solvent Ink Cleaning Fluid" is what it says on the bottle. Its cheap and sorced via Ebay out of California. I do use alcohol still to wipe down equipment as the cleaning fluid is wicked toxic and I dont like touching it or using it much.
  3. I have a UV printer and I can share what I know thus far... UV Solvent based inks are crazy toxic!!! The inks that I pumped through the print head behave different than water based ink. I find that I have to flush my head about every 7-14 days with an insanely powerful cleaner that actually dissolves my vinyl gloves if I'm not careful. I didn't know what I was doing back when I started and accidentally got misted in my face by a gust of wind when I was cleaning the head outside. Not fun. Also in hindsight taking a printhead in the sun to flush out photosensitive inks is stupid. LOL
  4. She isn't the prettiest machine out there. But "Sinamon" does pretty well for being all industrial looking.
  5. Still working on the gap adjustment... tricky business.
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