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  1. Ok I figured it out it was a aha moment. I only installed the ek print studio drivers. Installed epson driver and utilities are were off to the races. My magenta and yellow don't show as well doing second head clean now I'm getting banding and a bit of bleed off on the black ink appears. I took a q-tip and tried to get all the excess black and i'm using light ink 1440x1440 as a test.
  2. Yes it recognizes it but says offline?
  3. I'm trying to do a test print and I have installed ek rip drivers it's still showing offline. Do I have to install the epson side as well?
  4. Hello all, just picked up the 15000 and have already converted the printer to dtf and made it chipless. I have not added the ink wanted to make sure I had a reliable rip software. Just got ek print to try out the software before purchasing. I have been printing transfers with a hp for a couple of years just looking to gain more versatility. One question is that I print on and off and trying to get a good approach as to not get clogs. With the hp it's not really a problem. What would be the ideal storage and duration when not printing? Would I be able to get by ever other two days without printing. Most of the time I have large runs then breaks in between. I was told to have carts with distilled water would be fine with letting it sit.
  5. I'm just now finding out about this pretty much at the end of my 1430 dtg conversion. Just out of curiosity would I be able to just get the height at about 2mm and print onto the film from a platten?
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