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  1. It will do it OK. Depending in the leds and the heat sink used you don't always need water cooling and just a fan for air exchange is enough.
  2. Are the gears that adjust the head height etc to the right if the capping station correctly aligned? If out of synch that will cause problems. When the head returns over the capping station it should lower and raise the head but if the gears are not correctly aligned with each other then they cant function. Each one will have an alignment mark on them.
  3. 0xE4 is to do with the carriage return so probably a bad connection on the flexible cable between the head and the main board or a dirty/damaged encoder strip.
  4. Does the encoder light up? You have probably tried something, hopefully just on the sub board but possibly the main board if it gives the same error with a replacement encoder.
  5. For the LED's as long as you have a decent heat sink fitted to them then you can use a pc cooling fan.
  6. The current needs lowering as it's over driving the leds. Are you using a fixed current power supply? Going by the suppliers spec to get optimal performance stay within their limits but you can run a lower voltage.
  7. The main thing is to limit the current to 1200ma or less. If you overdrive them it will damage them. Also you should have a larger heatsink than what you are using, heat is the biggest killer of led's.
  8. Do they claim it wont fame epson parts for any model of epson or just certain models? The epson 3800 head is not suitable for at least a lot of if not all uv inks but the 3880 head is ok with them all you just need to change the dampers etc.
  9. Has anyone tried printing direct to the garment using sublimation inks? Sublinova Smart says it can print direct so just wondering if someone has tried it and what the results were like.
  10. Yes they should be ok, you will need a heatsink to mount the leds to and a suitable power supply for them.
  11. You will need to use the icc specific for the ink and printer to get totally accurate colours. Also try adjusting the outputs in acrorip such as contrast, brightness, ink % etc.
  12. I only use sublinova myself. Over the last 7+ years I have tried loads of different ones but always go back to sublinova.
  13. 4x 10w LED with a cooling fan in the housing.
  14. Looking at that the ink is not sublimation ink. At that temperature just about any length of time would give results for all colours on 100% poly and not as vivid but definitely clearly visible on 50/50 polly cotton. I have tried many different inks and will now only use sublinova as I find the results the best by far.
  15. Yes the code works on R3000 without having to alter anything. I use it myself on the same model. Yes it needs to complete the startup process before turning the printer on or it will give an error.
  16. These easily fit without any cutting. 4x 10w LED. 120 degree beam pattern and cures full print area.
  17. Ideally a constant current power supply. You will need to know the specifications of the led's.
  18. With 40w of led which typically have a beam pattern of 120 degree it will cure all the platen area.
  19. 4x 10w led with internal laptop cooling fan.
  20. Pulse width modulation purely acts as a dimmer control depending on the speed of the modulation. It still allows them to be over driven. Fixed current will remove that possibility. I manufacture multi channel pwm controllers.
  21. For those led I would advise using a fixed current power supply so they are not over driven. Also they burn out very quickly if over heated. I would have a much more substantial heat sink in direct contact with them as well as the fan.
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