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  1. Hi Phil Looks good I used 5mm acrylic sheet for my tray very shiney makes the film glide out easy, I'm working on a roller and vacuum system with a stepper motor so that the film comes fully out from the printer. When it's ready I will post the info. And thanks for your post if only I had seen your post months ago would of saved me alot of time Regards
  2. Hi I finally found the problem with my p600 the problem was me lol! what I was doing was printing a nozzel check instead of a graphic. It printed nozzel check on normal A4 printer paper, but not on a peice of pet film how bizzare. I figured out that the printer must of been looking for plain paper from the windowes or epson driver. This was quite confusing for me as I did have a sheet loader fault originally, it was the large grey roller that was slipping and you cant replace that on its own. Its a all in one piece on the loading shaft, what you can do is turn the roller rubber inside out
  3. Hi So it looks like my problem is a problem related the pw sensor or program as I said earleir if tape a peice of white paper to back of my dtf pet film it load every time with out fault. I have even tried it with masking tape and it works, but I will first try changing my pet film see if that cures it the only other thing I can try the epson ajustment program to alter pw sensor settings, and finaly remove the PW senosor its a pain but I have to know what is causing it as it might help others on this forum as people on here have been good to me in the past.
  4. Hi thanks for your reply. But funny thing is it works and prints very well if feed white paper in with the fim suggesting that the prinert is looking for the white paper from the sensor underneath the print head. I rember on some early DTGs removing or covering up the sensor for it to work as said the p800 allows you to switch this faclity on or off very strange unles my film suppliers film is over transparant.
  5. Hi how did you switch off the paper sensor so that it works with transparency film the epson p8oo lets you switch it off in the administrator menue otherwise I have to use a peice of white paper attached to the film. Kindest regards clive.
  6. Hi I to was going to configure the way you have said and for the life of me cant see why it would not work but other people have suggested that you change the printer driver to the older model R3000 I will try later on today and let you know the results. this is the how the posts on here said to it and apparently works regards clive
  7. HI I am having the same problem but plese have a look at this American guys youtube video he semes to be clued up about dtf printing and getting good results
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