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  1. Btw the posts that you and one other member have made concerning the 3800/3880 have been very helpful. It was good to know before starting that it was possible to work with this printer. Did you ever come to a final solution as far as the paper width sensor in the bottom of the print head carriage? I have to reinstall part of the tray that fed paper every time before I start the printer up or it faults out during its self checks. I have tried tape over the sensor, both silver and black, and I have tried laying a black or white strip of plastic below it with no luck. I have the paper width check turned off in the menu so it will print OK without that part of the tray in place but I cant pass the startup checks without it. Not the end of the world, but not very convenient either. Thanks for the inspiration. Glad it helped you. I found that if I have the audrino on before I turn on before I turn on the printer I don't get an error. If the audrino is off when I turn on the printer it will error out during start up. That is a nifty dohicky you have going on with the sensor do you have instructions on how to build it or what materials were used ,maybe links or a parts list? Thank you.
  2. Sounds interesting, unfortunately I don't know the first place to start.
  3. Looking good. I have yet to figure out why it is tricky to get the paper sensor to behave correctly when emulated.
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