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  1. First there's a difference in feel and capability with screen printing than DTF.  Both have a time and place. I think DTF can do a lot but it's not a 100% direct screen print replacement.

    I haven't seen refurbished P600s in forever for that price. It's tough to find them for any reasonable price.  Used ones are going for $1700. We bought up a bunch earlier in the year when we knew they would run out. But I have to get a return on tying up that much cash.

    Support is a huge time expense for us. When someone buys a printer from us I'm now "married" to them for the life of the product. It depends what you want to do. Many people buy a printer and figure it out on their own or with self research. Others want training and support as needed.

    We do not include the RIP. AcroRIP, ek and Kothari are options.. All have been discussed on the forum.


  2. 1 hour ago, Pastor Joey said:

    Awesome I am about to buy a printer for this today. I have 2 options for same price a stylus 9600 or a r 3000. Which would be better for this. Trying to be up and running within a week at so.. so printer today material by wed.

    R3000 will have more information support.

    9600 would be nice and wide

  3. Our DTF Superstore is launching today. With a wide range of Direct to Film products
    * Same day shipping on supplies ordered by Noon
    * We have a huge (over $100K) DTF inventory stocked in AZ
    * Liters of Ink: CMYK $79 : White $99
    * Film sheets as low as 40 cents a sheet
    * Multiple sizes of Film Rolls
    We've spent the last weeks bulking up our inventory so we can offer this faster shipping and better service.
  4. 1 hour ago, Martin Gaydarov said:

    If the ink is water-based and the powder is acting as a binder for the pigment, I'd just replace the CMYK DTG inks

    with standard pigmented water-based inks , which have much lower amount of resins and are much less likely to cause clogging problems even if the printer is not used for a longer time. In general, the pigments would be the same colour indexes, except maybe for the yellow, which for DTG is standardly P.Y.155. Cyan would in both cases be P.B.15:3, magenta P.R.122 and black is P.B.7. However, white would  still be the one for DTG as P.W.6 (TiO2 ), which has a very high density of  4.2 g/cm3, is more stable in this formulation. Cleaning fluid is based on deionized water and a selection of polyols, some amines and surfactants.    

    The inks still have to not bleed on the film and be able to stand up in the washing machine.

  5. 5 hours ago, ketox said:

    Thanks @johnson4,

    Now Im printing on Film Roll,  Ek & Acro Ok!..  👍.  

    Just The top Feeder still passes the film sheet direct to eject and ask,  want to resume or cancel? (works fine with plain paper)

    The Front Feeder for Fine Art Paper still displaying wrong media... 



    Load multiple sheets in the feeder and see if that helps. 1 single piece of film doesn't always feed correctly

  6. 11 hours ago, CreativeAnchor said:




    Just curious if anyone has tried printing on the film using the DTF inks with their DTG P600? By reading through this topic it looks like it should work. Just wanted to know if anyone had any luck? 

    Yes we did our initial ink and film testing on a DTG.

  7. 7 hours ago, johnson4 said:

    On the p800 I worked with they just clip on. I didn't even take mine apart I just popped them off. From what I read the 3880 is the old version of the P800, so if it's anything like the p800 it should only take a few minutes to pop them off without any type of disassembly needed. 

    Same with the p400... just reach in and pop them out. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Ikegwegbe said:

    I have been wondering, what is the need for the platform in the video posted on the first page about converting Epson l1800 to a DTF printer, or do you only need to remove the rollers of the printer

    It keeps the film from buckling up and hitting the printhead

  9. I figured I'd make a post since this is one of the most popular questions right now.

    The list of printers that are good for DTF is basically the same as for DIY DTG: 


    You need an Epson printer with 6-8 colors / ink channels so you can print CMYK + White inks, available refillable cartridges, and compatible RIP software.

    The most popular models are going to be the best to use unless you are fine with figuring things out on your own.

    L1800 (1430 w/ bulk ink) is used a lot because it's cheap and available outside of the USA. It prints 13x19 but is very slow. 15 minutes plus for a full print. 6 channel printhead

    P400 is at least 3 times faster than the L1800 / 1430 because it is a 8 channel DX5 printhead. Ink cartridges or CISS plug in right on top of the printhead so there is easy access to the head and not much wasted ink to flush the printhead out when the printer needs to sit for days without use. 13x19 max print size

    P600 is fast like the p400 with a 8 channel DX7 printhead. It is better if you're printing daily with volume because of the built in pressurized ink system and available 80ml cartridges.  Because of the ink system not using often will cause white ink separation in the lines and you'll have to waste ink to get it out. 13x19 max print size

    P800 has a wider 17" print width. It too have a ink system built in like the P600.


    Many of these models are discontinued but places like OpenDTG have a stock of them.


    NEW Epson P700 and P900. These aren't good for DTF / DTG yet because there is not refillable ink cartridges or RIP software for them yet.


    There are older and smaller model Epson printers that will work. Some of them are listed here on the DIY DTG list: https://www.opendtg.com/topic/3-which-printers-to-use-for-diy-dtg/

    Feel free to comment below with more models or information.

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  10. 3 hours ago, ddelgrande said:

    So if I was to use my DIY DTG P600 would I only have to change the inks to print DTG?

    The reason I ask is I'm interesting in printing white and wonder if DTF is less harsh on the printhead. 

    It's supposed to be more forgiving.  I just left 1 of our 2 printers with DTF inks sit for 5 days. The white was watery and I had to do an ink charge but got a good nozzle check.

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