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  1. 1) No, we actually have found our particular China inks to be better than the USA made. 2) Yes, there is a wide range of quality coming from China. Even suppliers will have a good, better, best line of inks 3)No, all aren't the same. We see a wide variation in quality. And the quality can change. We loved a film and then ordered 180,000 sheets of it, the large order was not of the same quality as the sample and we had to sell them off at a huge loss.
  2. Flush it with distilled water. It's a gallon for less than $1
  3. They just followed the stock epson primary colors and then made the light colors white
  4. 0x55 has to do with the Paper width sensor not seeing the film. Tape another piece of film over top of the first 4 inches of film so it looks at the area that is doubled up. Also, shut off paper width check on the Epson LCD menu.
  5. For those of you that don't know DTFsuperstore.com is owned by OpenDTG.com that is where we moved the DTF supplies to. Also, subscribe to us on Youtube.com, we are doing at least 1 DTF video a week: https://www.youtube.com/c/DTFSuperstore
  6. Tape about 6 inches of film on top of the beginning of your roll so the printer can see it.
  7. Yes just make sure you can find the printhead and it will most likely need all new parts for anything that has ink in them.
  8. Make sure you have a good nozzle check. If yes then try adjusting platen gap adjust on the printer settings window under the resolution
  9. There’s a button to the right of the cartridges
  10. Some people are using Epson's RIP. No to the wide format RIPs.
  11. Yes it needs to be version 9 to have 1 pass printing. Just note that all AcroRIP is pirated software
  12. As Johnson4 said... the first step is always a nozzle check when you have printing issues. You can't troubleshoot any issues until you know that you're getting a 100% good nozzle check.
  13. Neon colors can be tough to hit with out alot of adjustment in photoshop. CMYK range of colors don't really cover neons. I'd suggest while learning to stay away from Neon colors or test print some color swatches to find a color that works for you.
  14. First there's a difference in feel and capability with screen printing than DTF. Both have a time and place. I think DTF can do a lot but it's not a 100% direct screen print replacement. I haven't seen refurbished P600s in forever for that price. It's tough to find them for any reasonable price. Used ones are going for $1700. We bought up a bunch earlier in the year when we knew they would run out. But I have to get a return on tying up that much cash. Support is a huge time expense for us. When someone buys a printer from us I'm now "married" to them for the life of the product. It depends what you want to do. Many people buy a printer and figure it out on their own or with self research. Others want training and support as needed. We do not include the RIP. AcroRIP, ek and Kothari are options.. All have been discussed on the forum.
  15. You should have medium.. a few people got coarse when we were short. Coarse is almost like sugar.
  16. Lol. Medium is the best. coarse worked well for tags where it’s small letters so feel isn’t important but getting excess off and good bonding is.
  17. R3000 will have more information support. 9600 would be nice and wide
  18. Our DTF Superstore is launching today. With a wide range of Direct to Film products https://dtfsuperstore.com * Same day shipping on supplies ordered by Noon * We have a huge (over $100K) DTF inventory stocked in AZ * Liters of Ink: CMYK $79 : White $99 * Film sheets as low as 40 cents a sheet * Multiple sizes of Film Rolls We've spent the last weeks bulking up our inventory so we can offer this faster shipping and better service.
  19. You have to purchase it. Here is one option: https://store.opendtg.com/collections/software/products/kothari-rip-software-for-epson-l1800 Alot of people use AcroRIP found on ebay
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