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  1. It's most likely the signal plug. Wire it to a limit switch or a proximity switch that the head is going to trigger.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    These files are the Eagle design files and the ZIP is the Gerber production files for the OpenDTG Arduino UNO shield. R1 and R2 are 100 ohm Resistors D1 and D2 are 3.3v Zener Diodes. CN6 and CA58 are 11 pin FFC through hole connectors Screw terminals are 3.5mm Files are for personal use only. Can not be used for commercial or resell purposes. Any changes have to be shared back on OpenDTG.com
  3. You can use a switch and / or modify the arduino programming and use a relay to turn it on and off only during the printing sequence.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Print these color swatches so you can match your colors in your artwork to what you'd like it to look like after being printed.
  5. Andy - Admin

    Advanced II

    The Advanced II has motorized height adjust that automatically goes up or down. Also it has a touchscreen. No the Basic 2 will stay.
  6. Andy - Admin

    Advanced II

    The electronics and code in the top Epson module have to match the base. You can't put an old module directly on it.
  7. Andy - Admin

    Advanced II

    Hiwin Linear rails with ballscrew and Nema 23 motor
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