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  1. 0x55 has to do with the Paper width sensor not seeing the film. Tape another piece of film over top of the first 4 inches of film so it looks at the area that is doubled up. Also, shut off paper width check on the Epson LCD menu.
  2. For those of you that don't know DTFsuperstore.com is owned by OpenDTG.com that is where we moved the DTF supplies to. Also, subscribe to us on Youtube.com, we are doing at least 1 DTF video a week: https://www.youtube.com/c/DTFSuperstore
  3. Tape about 6 inches of film on top of the beginning of your roll so the printer can see it.
  4. Yes just make sure you can find the printhead and it will most likely need all new parts for anything that has ink in them.
  5. Make sure you have a good nozzle check. If yes then try adjusting platen gap adjust on the printer settings window under the resolution
  6. There’s a button to the right of the cartridges
  7. Some people are using Epson's RIP. No to the wide format RIPs.
  8. Yes it needs to be version 9 to have 1 pass printing. Just note that all AcroRIP is pirated software
  9. As Johnson4 said... the first step is always a nozzle check when you have printing issues. You can't troubleshoot any issues until you know that you're getting a 100% good nozzle check.
  10. Neon colors can be tough to hit with out alot of adjustment in photoshop. CMYK range of colors don't really cover neons. I'd suggest while learning to stay away from Neon colors or test print some color swatches to find a color that works for you.
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