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  1. Time for a followup on this post. Man, amazing what you what you can learn in 2 weeks... At this point I have the XP-15000 printing transfers from end to end. I'm still working out my settings for consistent powder melt, but that has nothing to do with the printer. The only modifications I've made to the printer is removing the 2 screws that hold the roller bracket in place and removing the roller bracket, installing the chipless firmware, and making a tray out of Dollar Tree Foam to keep the film close to the height it's being printed at so the film won't lift when it close to the end of the page (you'll know what I mean if you convert this printer and use sheets instead of rolls). Knowing what I know now, I could convert this printer in under 30 minutes. If I had all the needed supplies, ink, film, power, blah blah blah (which I do now), I could convert this printer and be up and printing transfers in under an hour. I received plenty of help from this forum when I ran into a few problems, mainly with EKPRINT settings. I won't mention any names, since I don't want to be responsible for them getting bombarded with messages. If any of them read this and they can volunteer their services themselves. I know there is much more in store, since I'm new to DTF, but I'm not new to tech, hardware, digital art (mostly illustrator) and working with new hardware modifications. From my experience, the hard part is over, fear of the unknown. This printer prints transfers as good, if not better than, the transfers I've purchased. I'm not saying it's better or worse than any other DTF printer, since I have no bar of comparison, but I will say that I'm pretty picky about the quality of t-shirts I sell, and I'm very happy with the results I'm getting. I no longer have to worry about buying from someone who just wants to make $ and doesn't really care about quality (The reds in my transfers are actually the same color red as my art now!). I'm 100% certain I'll run into plenty of bumps in the road since this seems to be a newer printer in the DTF scene and I'm also new to the DTF scene, but as far as getting the XP-15000 up and printer transfers, it's not tough at all. Even without help from this forum, a tech savvy resourceful person shouldn't have too much trouble. I you start out with absolutely nothing but a heat press, like me (well I do have a workshop and a lot of tools and supplies in general) you can get in the game with this printer for under $1,500. That may seem like a lot, but that's EVERYTHING you will need: Printer, RIP software, ink, film, powder, extra maint boxes, maint box resetter, multiple sets empty ink carts, print head cleaner, little sponge tip cleaner thingys, syringes, needles and a few other weird things you prob thought you wouldn't need... You'll make that money back making transfers for yourself if you run a brand or or sell custom tees using transfers. If you already have a print business, this is really low risk to see if you want to get into the DTF side of the biz. And if you're a hobbyist that kind of does a little of both, like me, it's a nice thing to have around that should easily pay for itself, and if it doesn't, it's worth the learning experience. Hope this helps. I'm more than happy to answer any questions, since others were happy to answer mine.
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