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  2. I used this company DTG ink, cmyk of normal quality, white is just water! I fought with them for two months and did not achieve anything! I just got them to change the shelf life from 12 months to 6 months. I would not recommend you to buy anything from this company.
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  4. Hi All I managed to get the XP 15000 running with acro rip 9 from the rear of the printer tray, still testing but look promising so far. As you can see from my photo the printer usb port for my pc is set on usb port,5 but it can be what ever usb port you connect to,I've set the printer as a EPSON R1800, I suppose some of the drivers maybe the same I've yet to try it on white ink on the rip as soon as I check it out I will the forum know at least its a start for a cheper option of softwear. regards to everyone,
  5. Thanks. I don’t know how on earth I got that wrong, lol.
  6. Configuration, Ink Setting, Printer Setup. Then on top change it to Manual when using sheets.
  7. Hello! Does anyone know if OCBESTJET UV ink is good? Has anyone used it? I'm seeing it on Aliexpress and it has a good price. Let me know if anyone has had experience with it or has any other UV ink brand to recommend. Thanks.
  8. I have the same problem. but I can't find "Configuration-printer setup Feed mode" Can you tell me where to find these settings? I messed up the whole program but in vain. I attach a picture below so you can see what it's all about! Thanks!
  9. I’m sure you could get it going, if not a good flush and a new head is worst case scenario if it’s in good shape otherwise.
  10. New update .. so I gathered the guts to move with the XP15000… took it out of the box .. put the plug in to move the print head slightly so I could free the print head and move out of way of the pizza roller screws … the very first power on gives a smoke cloud and phuff the printer is gone … this is some seriously in reliable DTF printer … the printer is going back to newegg.. but wow what a clear sign to stay clear from the XP15000 lineup… so that just happened… guess my only choice is P600 which I have on hand …… I do have a SC4900 in sight from a seller but that printer has been sitting for over a year without printing … and the ink has all dried out … not sure if I should risk my money on it .. I did read and saw some videos on how the SC4900 is also great DTF DIY printer… any experience with an old printer revival? or should I stay clear.. the seller says he didn’t even buy the 2nd set of inks for the printer .. so I am guessing it’s done under 1500-2000 prints..
  11. It’s not bad, I had mine apart in about 15 minutes. I’ll pm you the manual in a bit
  12. Thanks for the information. I am starting to suspect there might be an inherent design flaw in these refillable carts like you said. I might have fucked up the first two, but I was very careful with this one. It's a shame the print heads cost 2/3 of the printer. Maybe I'll try replacing the fuse but I suspect it's surface mount and not worth the bother. These look like a huge pain in the ass to open up and I hardly see any documentation about it. Can't even find the most basic information about the motherboard online.
  13. looks like printhead power failure, aka, probably a shorted out printhead from liquid.
  14. People refill the oem carts, cause apparently the aftermarket sucks.
  15. Yes, that's exactly my intention at this point. I see them going for nearly $500 on ebay (I got mine for MSRP), and the price for USA shipped empty cartridges seems crazy high. At this point I'd probably turn a profit selling it all assuming epson will change them out. I already snagged a R1800 for dirt cheap. I'm pretty happy with the l805 platform in my UV printer and it will be nice to have compatible spare print heads worst comes to worse. I'm not even sure DTF is the best technology for my application so it's really hard to invest more than in another machine. I'm trying to use one of those 3D vacuum ovens to print on glass jars that I coat in polyester. UV works OK, but the colors aren't exactly what I'd like, and the smell is god awful and I need to place each jar manually after every print. I love UV for random one offs and customization projects, but I need something for small run production that I can basically just have printing in the background while I do other stuff. If I can get DTF working it'd be less than a quarter of the labor and I'm hoping much less awful smell and better color. No clue. Epson couldn't (or wouldn't) even tell me, they just immediately offered to ship a new one. Further cementing in my mind that these are the disposable cameras of inkjet printers.
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  17. I have seen this. Too hot on the cure. Lower the temp and go longer on the time. You can see bubbles on the other side right? If you get out a high powered loupe you will see actual tearing of the ink.
  18. They don’t have them, I don’t think. It’s one time chips or Chipless for this one. honestly, if it’s that much struggle I would try cleaning them up and selling them/exchanging them with Epson then selling them. Pick up a P series printer, and be done. Your best bet is going to be the P800, they were available for $800 yesterday, sell the ink for $400 and have a solid $400 in it, Chipless, $30 for some refillable carts-boom- DTF on the cheap with a printer that won’t give you those issues.
  19. Has anyone used a manual reset device with this? I'm convinced that somehow I'm bricking the printers with the chipless firmware. I have one more printer and don't want to destroy it. I'd like to buy some cartridges and try and just keep resetting them manually.
  20. I mean I literally cannot get a single good nozzle check using DTF ink from DTF Super Store. Used an entire ink cartridges worth trying to purge and do nozzle cleans. I got the "there's something wrong with your print head, contact epson message" eventually JUST from doing head cleans, so I noped the fuck off and installed the dye refill ink (no more warning thankfully). Getting perfect checks and prints now after only one head clean. By some miracle Epson decided not to charge me for the hacked printer I returned so I'm trying to play it a little more conservatively. I still have the second broken one going back for replacement, so maybe once I have two of them again I'll be a little more brave. And then LITERALLY as I'm typing this: Turn on your printer again. See your documentation for more detail. 031006 Welp, looks like I'm throwing these fuckers straight into the trash.
  21. На парковочной станции шланги надо менять?
  22. На парковочной станции шланги надо менять?
  23. I’m glad it could help, Yea the transfer should peel off like a Plastisol one, it’ll rip easier because it’s thinner, but the same concept, didn’t even think of that. I use a bit thicker film and a bit more ink than most, I agree 300 is a little hot, but it works in a hurry
  24. In the screen printing world we would know if our plastisol transfer was cured properly if we could peel it of the backer in one piece easily. I just tested the one I did for 5min @290 hover and it comes off in clumps. I took your suggestion and flipped the heat press platen over and did some testing and it looks like 255f at 3 min works good for me. Any hotter and I get burn marks or bubbles on areas that have black ink. I will be building an enclosure for it and exhausting the vapor, It is getting out much more moisture out this way. Wash test was good and had no problems. Going to do a few more tests and see how it goes. Thanks again for being a huge help in steering me in the right direction. DTF is awesome and is going to be a big game changer for us if we get it right! So grateful for people like you that are willing to share information and help!
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