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  4. can i use this code for arduino mkrzero / samd21 m0? or only use to aio mkr board?
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  6. Good night friends! The problem of the error was solved, I acidentally pul a wire a few days ago, and the weld of Encoder B on the SUB Board has broked, the copper rail was interrupted, so the signal for automation worked, but not for the printer, so I got the error 0xE4 or E4H, Now I'm putting all the parts together, and let's go to test it with open DTG code, because my code give this aditional step on printing, about it, what can be the motive?
  7. Are the gears that adjust the head height etc to the right if the capping station correctly aligned? If out of synch that will cause problems. When the head returns over the capping station it should lower and raise the head but if the gears are not correctly aligned with each other then they cant function. Each one will have an alignment mark on them.
  8. 0xE4 is to do with the carriage return so probably a bad connection on the flexible cable between the head and the main board or a dirty/damaged encoder strip.
  9. Good morning! Yes friend, it lights up, I tried to turn the printer on with a new encoder board and nem encoder wheel+motor, and it gives the same error, if I send the platten back and turn the encoder by hand, the platten moves correctly 😕
  10. Does the encoder light up? You have probably tried something, hopefully just on the sub board but possibly the main board if it gives the same error with a replacement encoder.
  11. Hi friends! Good night! I made a DTG/UV printer for a client, but on my tests it's getting some aditional steps, and later, my encoder A wire touched encoder B wire during work, a terrible mistake, so now I'm getting the error 0xE4 all the time, I tried with another complete encoder system, got the same error on PF, I'll share some photos about it and my code too (I made this code to work with 2 buttons and 2 limit switchs: Please, I need great help The code is in rar, 20 teeth pulley and 200 steps/rev on motor WhatsApp Video 2020-06-04 at 20.31.17 (1).mp4 WhatsApp Video 2020-06-04 at 20.31.17.mp4 Simple_Print_L1800.rar
  12. I hear some textile producers here, using it with epson 5113 printheads. They seem to replace printheads within 6 months, i don't know if this is releated to ink quality or somethingelse.
  13. Hello everyone. Ive got epson 1400 and 1430 needing help 

  14. Hi Roni, Which LED do you indicate? Thanks.
  15. esse modulo de led não presta. e projeto meu... baixa qualidade.
  16. 395nm is most universal for most available inks
  17. Hi Guys, I see this UV LED:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000224260797.html What nm Do I need?
  18. Been searching on the web but didn't found conclusive answers. Looking for help: Is there more than one type of UV inks? If so, what's the best type of UV ink to use on a regular Epson printer without modifications? I'm assuming that you can use UV inks on a Epson printer (Ex. R1800, 1400, L805) without any modification, is this true?
  19. Thanks for the input reptilesink, I already ordered some of that leds to do some testing. Any input on the other questions guys?
  20. You can set mode color mix, cmyk 90%. And calibrate color by i1 of x rite creat icc profile.
  21. For the LED's as long as you have a decent heat sink fitted to them then you can use a pc cooling fan.
  22. Hi there guys. Just made my introduction in the forum and would like to have few insights. I've been reading a lot of threads here in the last few days but there are still a few doubts left. For the printers I have the following available: A4 - EPSON L805 A3 - EPSON 1400 A3 - EPSON R1800 I would prefer the A4 size as that would make the build itself a lot cheaper. Also A4 size is more than enough for my needs, I will print directly on railroad models (same as a phone case). From what I could gather around the forum the L805 seems to miss the encoder wheel which makes the adaptation harder. I ordered the Arduino UNO and the shield from OpenDTG and it would be perfect if I could adapt this kit to the L805, any help? Second question regards the UV leds and curing, I need precision but usually a print of one of my models just takes 3-5 minutes and I only print around 100 a month so I think water cooling would be a little overkill. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    EKPRINT Demo For Epson 1430
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Demo Version of EKPRINT for the P800. Will let you test out your new build without waiting.
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