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  2. You can use pharmacy type hoses just put it into cap hose you are good to go.
  3. If your making an ICC profile, add it to the rip program and be done. if your using color swatches to find an exact color, then you need to use the hex code that coincides with the swatch color and edit your design. So if your CMYK design has a pink, you print and find the right pink in the color swatch, then edit your image file colors to that code, so it will print that exact color to that value.
  4. But where do I enter the code??
  5. I just bypassed the Y connector. I didnt want the problem to come back again later down the road. What i did was drilled a hole in the plastic cover next to the capping station. I ran the 2 ink lines from the capping station and mounted the waste bottle so the 2 ink lines could drain straight into the wast bottle. I haven't had any problems since. you can search and find 2 straight connectors instead of the Y connector. I just decided to not bother with adding anymore connectors on the lines. papa
  6. Hello, I wanted to modify an epson r2400 but what I do not understand if the uv led is put in the car when starting the machine, would it not hit with the left side when moving the first time it starts?
  7. Thanks a lot. It's been extremely frustrating. Can you tell me what size straight connectors you use? I'm worried if I get the same size as the y connector that I used, it will clog up too.
  8. You just print the color swatch as you normally would a design, and see which color you like and follow that code.
  9. Thanks for your reply.. Is there anyway you can walk me thru this? I do have a color swatch that I have not printed yet. Hot pink gave me the blues also! I had to have my friend DTG the shirt for me.
  10. Have you tried printing color swatches? That's what I did when I had issues with certain colors. For the life of me ( well, two years) light pinks always gave me problems. I was able to find a color code for the one's I wanted with my current settings and changed my graphics to match. If not, you could always pay to have an ICC profile made for your specific setup.
  11. Last week
  12. Hello I have an XP-15000 that I've converted and works flawless for the past month. I have been getting great prints but cannot print teal or maroon to save my life. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something simple in my RIP. Anyone have great experience with EK Print since there is no ICC profile for the xp-15000. Thanks!
  13. Actually its depends on your uv ink but in most cases 50w works
  14. I see you use UV ink, what power is your led lamp? I have a 50w, will it be enough?
  15. To remove white channels you go to "white" section on bottom far right. There is white cannel settings. Click it and un tick unwanted ones. Also you can un tick CMYK channels there, they come ticked but not affecting anything. Telling you just in case if it confuses you. But if you untick channels i recommend you to not put any ink in them or clean them so you would remove the chance of getting them clogged while sitting idle.
  16. As far as I remember, akrorip 8.2.6 does not know how to print a color layer and a white one at the same time. Now I'm choosing the optimal settings for the P600 myself. The printer pours a lot of white ink, due to the large print head and a large number of nozzles. What can you recommend?
  17. Hello.. Kindly guide me where to get this utility from ... As always really appreciate your help thanks
  18. Thank you for your efforts. L800 theboemio@gmail.com
  19. If it’s anything like the Epson 1430, it’s probably both. I had constant clogging/flow issues with those printers with anything other than dye ink.
  20. Ink is not compitable with your printhead possibly. Try other inks. Either This or your printhead does not fire because of electronic reasons.
  21. Mdrake2016, I had this same problem with my p600 DTG Printer. The problem is you should have 2 waste lines from capping station connected to a Y connector with 1 waste line coming from the Y connector then going into your wastes bottle. The plastic Y connector is clogging. You will have to remove the side panel were the capping station is located then you will see the lines and the Y connector. What I did was drilled a hole in the side by the capping station and removed the Y connector and just ran the 2 lines from the capping station straight into the waste bottle. my waste bottle was located in the back of the printer Problem solved. This problem was driving me mad. Black ink was bubbling and back flushing from the capping station. You can do like I explained above or you can remove the Y connector and replace it with 2 straight connectors then run 2 line extended to your waste bottle. I just replaced my capping station also because the problem had been going on for awhile until i found the problem. This should fix your problem. D
  22. New to Forum, we Have Kornit Avalanches, tried DTF using the kornit , printed well, but after washing scratches off? any suggestions?
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