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  2. This is my test prints I printed on this printer, and I printed about 100 copies in total of the course of several days, including cmyk+white prints. Without issues after learning how to use this printer. This is with EKprint. FullSizeRender.mov
  3. The manual for EKprint explains 90 percent of what you need to know. It’s with the download they send you. The program itself has been out for over 10 years and has shipped with several OEM products, like anajet for example. Videos do exist, just not many that tell you what to you instead of teaching you what to do, especially for DTF. However, learning to fine tune your ink settings takes a little time eaither way and is setup specific. I’ve used this printer and it works fine, after 4-5 days sitting in my floor I had to do 2-3 head cleans to get it going, that’s without its case
  4. It is being set for a black t-shirt. I tested it up to 150% density (B) I worry because there is no satisfactory result. Which of B (density) and C (Opacity Contrast) will be prioritized over white ink density I tested it Density 125 Opacity Contrast -15 VS density 150 Opacity Contrast 0 is related and there seems to be little difference. (I personally judge that there is no comparative difference) Complaints ><><><>Is the weather influence?? White cartridges Partially start curing of the print head after a day or so..... -.- -.- The
  5. I did white drop medium level 1 50 density 1440x1440 resolution i do mixed, because I don’t want a solid white layer. underbase choke varies by design, I do between 2-10. one pass enables both layers to print, enhanced is bi-directional and should be checked, it prints twice as fast.
  6. It may differ depending on the ink brand, but for general DTF How to optimally set up "EK Print Studio" with xp15000 printer? Too much test paper is already consumed. Please help~ Image reference --->>>
  7. Update: After leaving the cleaning carts in for a couple days and running a couple print head cleaning cycles per day, I put in filled a new set of carts and installed them. That seemed to do the trick I was back up and running with good prints. I may have just had a normal clog. DTF printing is still new so I may have paniced. Either way I'm back up and running. Having a set of cleaning carts is a must IMO. It's a nice fallback if you run into weird printing issues. I've done the cleaning cart purge a couple times when printing went kind of wacky and both times I was good to go af
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  9. Capping station fluid is there to keep the capping station wet, and the printhead from drying out. print flush fluid, is designed to break down and flush out the ink in the lines, if your trying to clean all (most) the ink out. printhead cleaning solution is designed to clean the head and break down clogs, without damaging the printhead. clog buster is a last resort solution to use when you have a serious clog that nothing else clears, if used long enough( like it sitting in it too long) in itself can damage the head. I use printhead cleaning solution to clean ever
  10. Thanks man. I'm actually preparing to place my order now and see 4 different cleaners on DTF Superstore (Capping station cleaner, print flush fluid, printhead cleaning solution, and clog buster). I emailed them about what is necessary for DTF printing but haven't heard back yet. Do you have an opinion on which ones are needed? For some reason, I thought 1 liquid was all that's needed to handle any of the issues that can arise.
  11. The buildup will happen, I've ran mine for about 5 months and haven't had to do it yet. Keep your wiper clean blade clean and capping station and you shouldn't have much issue. If you have partially clogged nozzles and print, it will cause the build-up quicker. Overall, pulling the printhead on the xp-15000 is pretty easy and straightforward. If your careful you can also just use a foam swab.
  12. Please keep us updated. Issues like this have been my nightmare for the past 10 years, which is why I switched over to White Toner Printing, but the headache and cost of that is even worse. Trying everything I can do make sure I avoid problems when I get the DTF set up.
  13. Thanks for all your help. Refillable cartridges and maintenance tank resetter came in. Ordering supplies from Andy today. One more general question about DTF. Did you ever have to remove your printhead from any of your DTF printers to clean the buildup underneath? I've seen videos of people on Youtube having to do that just weeks after starting DTF and I'm wondering if it's because they didn't maintain it properly or if the buildup is inevitable no matter what.
  14. Last week
  15. Might not be available in the Demo verison- they limit all the features quite a bit.
  16. Is that a setting within EKPrint Studio? I'm just playing with the demo version now and can't see anything along those lines...
  17. I just ran into a problem yesterday. Was printing fine, then red and white channels started printing very light. Now I'm getting massive banding. Installed and ran my cleaning carts through a bunch of head cleaning cycles. Had to leave for an event, so I'll re-install ink carts and see if that fixes it.
  18. How has this printer been doing for you so far? I've been reading all the posts on this forum trying to prepare myself to get into this mess lol
  19. I just put the rubber plug in, took it out and shook it, then reverse. I didn’t have an issue the week or two I was using it.
  20. Yea I’m not worried about ink running out. I deal with an issue like that currently so I’m used to it. My only worries now when it comes to this printer are: 1. Roll printing - I do want the auto shaker/curing machine hopefully in a month or so. I planned to print each image individually one file at a time and just let the whole system do it’s thing. But it looks like according to what you’re saying, I will need EK Print to do that so it doesn’t spit the film out after each file finishes printing. How can I get/make that special file so it doesn’t spit out the fil
  21. The Epson p400. it’s the easiest to set up and use, easiest to maintain. While it does have small cartridges, (30-35 prints per set for full color and white prints), it’s easy to swap them with another prefilled set, do a head clean and be good. No ink settling, dampers or ink systems to mess around with. making it chipless is straight forward and works great, supports roll printing. The main thing is how easy it is to clean, and avoiding white ink settling/ clogging. New users struggle with that the most. If you want it to sit for days, or a week, or 5, doesn’t matter. Loa
  22. johnson4, so if you were to recommend a first printer for DTF, which one would you choose?
  23. If it doesn't power on check the main power transistors as they usually blow.
  24. BUT if you do it right, without the head clean, and reset the ink before it shows empty on the printer, you don't need to worry about it. Holding the film so it doesn't spit it out doesn't damage the film or the printer, it does leave a mark on the backside of the film where the gripper roller is, but it doesn't affect anything. I will say, if you manage to do one of those things it sucks, having to cut/remove, restart and resume the printing process, so I'd avoid those if possible.
  25. AS far as I know, cadlink doesn't support the 15000. The printer doesn't support roll printing stock, using the special file with EKprint stops it from advancing and allows you to roll print. So, I'd assume thats only with ekprint. The film is held on the backside, not the print side of the film, I do it all the time instead of waiting for the rolls to unload and all that crap.
  26. No worries The trial versions are limited, so those features are usually grayed out, along with a few other things. I'd uninstall and reinstall the latest version they have, it should print just fine with that. Be sure to disable the Epson status monitor, and don't connect the printer to WiFi.
  27. I don't think I'll have problems letting ink run out mid print but I worry about your first sentence right there. If I were to use CADlink....or if I use EKprint but not use a special file like you do, would the printer sense that there is more film once I'm done printing and just spit it out (essentially unrolling the whole roll)? Once I get that figured out, there's one other thing that I need to make sure of. Once I cut the last prints of the day, there would be some more film left inside the printer. The next day when I come in, I would want to run a head clean but I'd have to remove
  28. johnson4 they are both trials didnt want to pay the money unless i could get them to work they are ekprint v7.8.2 and a beta v8.0.2. i already emailed them hoping to get this thing up and running soon. thanks for your help johnson4
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