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  4. Version 1.0.0


    EKPRINT Demo For Epson 1430
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Demo Version of EKPRINT for the P800. Will let you test out your new build without waiting.
  6. That's the font I'm using. I bought from the same seller along with the LED. Output Power - 200W Output Voltage - 25-36V Output Current - 1,3A When I turn on the LED, I measure 24.7V and 1320mA
  7. The current needs lowering as it's over driving the leds. Are you using a fixed current power supply? Going by the suppliers spec to get optimal performance stay within their limits but you can run a lower voltage.
  8. Hello Reptilesink! I measured current on my LED and it marked 1320ma. How many volts do you feed it? Thanks
  9. The main thing is to limit the current to 1200ma or less. If you overdrive them it will damage them. Also you should have a larger heatsink than what you are using, heat is the biggest killer of led's.
  10. Both ....led life and printer head .... what china guys suggested is use 12v and 1A constant current PSU it cure ink well so I think not extra power and extra heat is needed.
  11. Hello Pompoko! I am using a power supply that I bought with the LED. According to the manufacturer, the LED needs 26-30V and 1200mA. Did you ask me to be careful with the life of the LED or the print head? Thanks.
  12. Hmm I set one of these 12v 1A and it was more than enough to cure ink I used so go down as low you can ...Save your printhead life ...
  13. Hello, I went back to my project. This is my adaptation for the UV LED. I used the Epson housing. Then I went to test the LED. It heats up a lot. When I turn on the voltage is at 27V and within a few minutes it drops and stabilizes at 24.7V. I'm afraid about that. Do you think this structure will be able to support? I accept suggestions! Thanks.
  14. If you are going to work on converting one of these printers the very first thing you should do is download the full factory service manual which can be found by using the Google machine. I strongly suggest printing all 400 or so pages of it. It will be worth it's weight in ink as you work thru your conversion....which is not simple by any means. Sadly my printer has been sitting over 6 months unused I just haven't found the uses for it that I thought I would. If I could recapture even half of the time and money I dank into it I surely would...but it was a fun project.
  15. I have problem with error 1226. What is problem? I have Epson 3800
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Print these color swatches so you can match your colors in your artwork to what you'd like it to look like after being printed.
  17. WhatsApp Video 2020-02-23 17.43.47.mp4'de 14.23.53.mp4'te WhatsApp Video 2020-02-23
  18. Version 1.0.0


  19. can this code work with AIO MKR Barebones DTG Controller Board for 1430
  20. The head is probably okay from my understanding on it's Resistance to the type of inks. the damaged damper system would cause all that. My only thoughts would be to test print with it in another printer, or after you replace those parts. If the face is still shiny and the electronics didn't get any liquid/ink on them and the manifold looks fine its probably fine. Again, A grain of salt
  21. I did confirm which printer model with the seller before I bought the ink and I let some junk parts sit in the ink for a number of days (all was ok) before I charged up my printer. I messaged the seller again but at this point it's a done deal. I'm planning to pull out the dampers and check their condition (messy task). Is there any way to know whether the head is damaged? All I can see is the manifold on top and the plate on the bottom which look ok.
  22. Do they claim it wont fame epson parts for any model of epson or just certain models? The epson 3800 head is not suitable for at least a lot of if not all uv inks but the 3880 head is ok with them all you just need to change the dampers etc.
  23. I've followed UV build threads that had success with Aomya inks and the folks that sell it claim that it won't cause damage to stock epson parts - but one never knows until it's sitting in the machine. I'll post with updates.
  24. By no means Do i know anything at all like most of the guys on here, But, I'm pretty sure the stock Damper system isn't set up to use UV ink, AKA, Bad stuff happens. From what I read before i put that on the back burner, You needed your own damper lines and dampers at the head that are made for the type of ink. Take my advice with a grain of salt, But it sounds like something isn't liking that ink. Good luck with it, I'm following the post, Because in a few months I'll be headed down the same path. I've taken the damper system apart before ( before i threw it away) and aside from the rubber "valves' at the manifold, and the one's in the dampers at the head( which actuate in the same manner). Its just passageways and tubing.
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