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  2. Its 50%. I mean it gels, but doesn’t dry like dtg inks if you touch it, it’s in your finger. Needs heat to set it, it seems.
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  4. wow two weeks? that's a long time for it to not dry. so does that mean these dtf inks are not really water-based? by the way what's the percentage of your ink laydown? especially for the white? I'd imagine it shouldn't be 100%.
  5. It depends on your materials and waste. my 5x7 prints are around 20 cents, and 10x12 are around 40 cents. if that helps.
  6. What is the cost to print , ex. actual cost per sq inch?
  7. I actually have a print that i didn't powder, and it's been over 2 weeks and it still isn't dry.. It was a concern of mine too, but isn't really anymore. I'm going with the p400 because CMYK+W all need shaken, they all settle to some degree. Using the p400 will make it super easy to shake, clean, maintain the printer with no waste at all. Easy to run a set of cleaning carts with it to clean the head. I noticed with the P800 if I didn't print often it settled pretty quickly, like DTG inks. With how little DTF uses, the 18ML carts on the P400 make the most sense. I printed over 30 with the
  8. I haven’t had an issue with it. It doesn’t dry like dtg inks, and would have less air flow to do so. ive only done it once, but I took a foam tipped swab and slid it under the head, if you tilt it up it fits. Not much came out and I haven’t encountered an issue so far. Take some dtf ink and place it in a lid or something and let it sit out for days. It never really dries.
  9. The thing i'm concerned about which i'm not sure has been talked about enough is the cleaning and maintenance. Since these DTF printers are basically 'closed' with no easy access to the bottom of the printhead as you would with a dtg printer. You will need to disassemble the printer just to check the bottom of the print head. Do dtf inks behave like dtg inks? For people who have been doing this for a few weeks now, are they less prone to build up and clogging the print head?
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  11. PowerRip won't work for you; it can't print with white ink and color at the same time. Suitable for your printer AcroRIP 903
  12. Can a Epson 7890 be used for DTF. I think I found a rip program - PowerRip X ( still researching it) Also the printer has refillable chipped carts.
  13. Can I use my Epson L1300 sublimation printer for DTF if I buy the white powder and that white ink?
  14. Can a Epson 7890 be used for DTF. I think I found a rip program - PowerRip X ( still researching it) Also the printer has refillable chipped carts.
  15. I’m glad it helped some. With direct to garment, the pretreatment just prevents the ink from just wicking away in the shirt, and washes away the first wash. It makes the ink coagulate. It’s not harmful, unless you drink it( the one I use anyway). Look up the MSDS on them to find out before buying. the one i use consists of salts and a bit of adhesive to hold the shirt fibers down and of course water. I would never buy something unless it has been tested and approved for its purpose, which is why I didn’t switch to Kodak inks until it was approved safe. the DTF method can
  16. Thank you, this is exactly what i wanted to know. We started a few years ago as a custom sewing service for other businesses. one of our largest customers was looking to an alternative to her product made scarce by the shut downs. so we found sublimation and tumblers. its going well, but we are always looking for ways to add customers (isnt everyone) I also hate polyester clothing, so never considered doing T shirts with sublimation, but I have always wanted to do T shirts. I just never had the room for screen printing equipment. (and I also think the vinyl t shirts look and feel bad).
  17. Toner is plastic, plastic cracks. I used a DIY white toner printer ( because I’m not spending that kind of cash on one). The transfers are like you would imagine- and they crack after a few washes, and it’s expensive. They have cheap not white laser transfers as well, but it all ended up the same way. Cracking, and inability to stretch with the garment. When you first make it, it looks good. But then wear it, it’s uncomfortable, and just overall feels annoying. After you wash it you start to feel like you got ripped off. DTF is ink, flexible, soft, but in very large patches can also
  18. Can I ask, how different is it really from the product those White toner printers I have been looking at would produce? those seem to do the same thing, but no powder at the end. I have seen very few reviews of DTF in English, and the ones I have understood are all from people selling it lol. They all say its "way better" . its cheaper for sure, that's always attractive for testing new things. thank you.
  19. Number 2 above explains it. That’s all it does. Rollers used to do it, until you remove them.
  20. I'm reading about the Epson L1800 and I still dont understand "why" is needed the output tray for the film. which is the magic behind it? Thanks in advance
  21. I'm reading about the L1800, and I cant find "why" the output tray. what is the magic behind it? Thanks in advance
  22. I use EKprint because it’s simple, quick and efficient. Acro rip, I don’t like. I wasted a couple months using it and just outright hating my investments. Some people like it and get good results, I never did. The color settings were hard to get right, it took forever to process the image when printing, among other limited settings and the fact they are all pirated. I Went with EKprint, and can run 4 printers at the same time, make my own platen sizes. For me anyway, EKprint was super easy to understand, has minimal adjustments to get a decent print all around and I can print on the fly very
  23. Hi Guys, I am just getting ready to build out my P800. I purchased AcroRip 9.03, but have read on this forum that some people are using EK Print Studio Rip. Curious which you think I should use and why? Or do I really need Kothari? I am planning on using transfer film rolls if that makes a difference. And what is the best way to build an output tray? Is there one available on the market or is there a video tutorial on how to make one? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it... Doug
  24. will an epson xp 15000 work for this process new to this dtf thanks
  25. buenas noches. estoy tratando de encontrar un proveedor del film para DTF. en España y tambien por ali express podrian indicarme donde puedo encontrarlo?? disculpen si esta no es la página y gracias por anticipado
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